News: Diddy Offers To Be An Opening Act, "We Wanna Go On Right Before Anybody" [Video]

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2010 5:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap mogul Diddy has offered to take the spotlight off himself and open up for artists as he prepares for the upcoming release of Last Train to Paris.

According to Puff, he is also looking to release his Press Play follow-up this summer.

"Me and my crew, we're putting together a whole new team and we coming to smash and spread a lot of love," Diddy told radio personality Tim Westwood. "And we wanna do shows and we wanna go on right before anybody who wants to open up for them. Whoever wants us to open up for them, we just wanna open up and we'll take shorts on the money, we'll make you a better performer...I'm just coming to do what I do, I'm not putting anybody under pressure, I'm just here to raise and elevate the level of the game...Hey UK, you know I'm coming there. Any UK artists want me to open up for y'all or whatever, put your boy on. I'm gonna do some collaborations out there with some cats you know, just look out for that Last Train to Paris coming at the end of June..." (Tim Westwood TV)

Last December, Diddy said there was no set date for the album.

Then there's his coming album, Last Train to Paris, which was supposed to come out in September but has been pushed back to 2010. "I don't know the exact month," Diddy said about the release date. "We're going to have it come out when it's ready. We're bringing everything together, editing it down. We did 60 songs. Also, we're figuring out what's missing." (Chicago Tribune)

Puff previously said he was holding his album back for Drake and Jay-Z.

"We just vibin' and making music, having a good time," he said in an interview. "The album is gonna be something different for me, and I don't have to support it by myself...The train is coming...It's coming, it's coming. Right now, it's like Jay-Z time and Drake time. Enjoy those guys. But the train is coming. Get your ticket. You don't want to be left out." (MTV)

The album was originally slated for a fall 2009 release.

"It's deeper than any of the other stuff I have ever made," Diddy said. "Last Train to Paris comes out in September...T-Pain gave me permission to use the vocoder, the auto-tune, and he showed me various tricks that nobody knows but him and myself." (All Headline News)

Check out Diddy's interview with Tim Westwood below:

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