News: Diddy Calls Out Swagger Jackers, "I'm Definitely One Of The Baddest Motherf*ckers To Ever Touch The Face of The Earth" [Video]

Wednesday, Feb 17, 2010 10:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap mogul Diddy has come forward to point out the recent emergence of swagger jackers who emulate his personal style and business moves.

According to Puff, he is responsible for inspiring artists to change up how they dress and take on business ventures outside of hip-hop.

"To be honest, there's a lot of people that have emulated my style," Diddy told radio personality Tim Westwood. "And that's a positive thing, you're supposed to inspire people. But there's also a lot of cats that emulate the style and they not even really connecting in their head who they got it from. Anything they're doing right now as far as in the game, I started the jets, I started the yachts, I started owning the companies, I started the liquor, I started getting money, I started hiring us, empowering us, I started the whole vote campaign, anything that wasn't cool, anything that wasn't traveling, artists traveling overseas, getting that up, I mean, that's what I do, my style and my flavor and my swag is really unstoppable and second to none, and it's a lot of people that invented the style so when I come back in June, they gotta give me my sh*t back, because the official has returned. I let them live for a minute and that's all good -- a lot of cats are out there with my haircut, they try to dress [like me], they try to wear shades and they messing up the suit game because they don't have the Italian cut, they got like a Steve Harvey cut on their suit...I'm definitely one of the baddest motherf*ckers to ever touch the face of the earth." (Tim Westwood TV)

Last May, former Roc-A-Fella artist Tru Life accused Diddy of swagger jacking his style.

"I just got the phone call from the homies, n*ggas told me this is the worst case of b*tch*ssness they ever seen in their motherf*cking life man," Tru said in a video. "Eh yo Puff man, come on man, you swagger jackin' your boy now? You coulda hollered at your boy, you know, I'm a six in the mornin' n*gga like you...We coulda sat down over breakfast and did this like real n*ggas, a gangsta and a gentleman. I'm the original cereal killer. I seen you pouring Ciroc in there, I don't know if it was water or what you were doing. You ain't even went through and eat the sh*t...I don't want you to take this personal Puff, you hear me, don't call up Jay[-Z] like that, chill my nig...You gotta cut it out, Puff, that b*tch*ssness you got, that sh*t worst than the motherf*cking swine flu my nig...You coulda just hollered at your boy Puff." (Lizzy Blog)

Puff has been known to flaunt his "swag" on songs like "Swagger Like Puff."

"Mr. Combs is in the building/I'll take your b*tch, Ill crush your building/F*ck it I'll give her children/Swag at a hundred, trillion,"Diddy rapped on the song. "Zillion/B*tch Brazilian, hair color chameleon's, skin tone vanilla, two scoops of chilling./Ciroc Blue Ice/Anything you do, I do twice/What you do, I don't do like you/No one on the planet, nobody more famous." ("Swagger Like Puff")

In addition to making business ventures like promoting Sean John on the Home Shopping Network last year, Diddy has also been expanding his Ciroc Vodka business.

"Things are gonna be real big," Diddy said about Trina. "She's an official Ciroc girl...Ciroc is gonna be promoting her album, she's gonna be helping us, we gonna be doing it together. We got a new partnership that we rocking with but most importantly, the record and a video is off the chain...You gonna see us performing the joint live, too. She's gonna have the full-length chinchilla and just be buckey-naked with some stickies on. You know what I'm saying, because the body is thorough. Believe that, she's in the gym!" (Slip N Slide Records)

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Check out Diddy's interview below:

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