News: C-Murder Addresses His "Child's" Appeal Claims, "Young Trump Is Not My Son, He Is My Little Cousin"

Friday, Feb 12, 2010 11:05AM

Written by Biz Jones

Incarcerated rapper C-Murder has responded to recent remarks made by his alleged son, Young Trump, and said the emcee is not his child.

According to Murder, he does not appreciate Trump's recent allegations and attempt to start a beef with Bow Wow.

"Young Trump is not my son, he is my little cousin," Murder said in a statement. "I don't want my name thrown out there with this. For me personally, he's young at this, so the beefs he's into are something I do not support. For him to be saying I'm his pops and then disrespect Bow Wow's mother like that....I don't get down like that. I wouldn't never diss anyone's Mama and I don't appreciate it being put out there. Let my people know what level I'm on. I ain't got one enemy in the industry. I don't believe in enemies and I don't believe in beef. That's my cousin and I love him, but I don't agree with what he's saying." (All Hip Hop)

Late last month, Trump said Murder would be freed from his life sentence by the end of 2010.

"Right now he's in Louisiana, he's working on his appeal right now, some new lawyers have picked up his situation," Trump revealed in a late January 2009 interview with radio personality EI8HT. "I can't really speak on the situation too much, but he should be home by the end of next year though. For sure. I talked to him like everyday. Everything's good, he gives me good advice, told me to come into the game as a bully and do my thing." ("Street Disciplez Radio")

Former No Limit Records artist Mystikal recently spoke on Murder's legal woes.

"I haven't had a chance to speak with [Master P] since I been back though," Mystikal told DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. "I ain't get a chance to holla at him yet. I hollered at C before his [case] went the way it did, you know. We gonna see if we can work on that too, I can't let him sit in there like that. He still got some breathing room, he got a little fight left in him." (Radio Planet TV)

Master P spoke with SOHH last fall about his brother, C-Murder, doing time behind bars.

"Your image can get you incarcerated and take a lot of things away from you," P explained. "I think he realizes that right now and he definitely will be fighting an appeal but it takes times. It might take two to three years. He's innocent from his crimes, everybody knows that but that goes to show you how your image and all the stuff from your past -- it makes others think 'Oh, you know this guy's name is C-Murder, so he's guilty.' They don't even look at, 'Oh you wasn't in the club, you didn't pull the trigger.' Man, your image can really describe your life." (SOHH)

Check out C-Murder's son speaking on the legal situation down below:

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