News: Baby Spills Oil & Natural Gas Venture Details, "I Got Pumps & Sh*t That Are Getting Money"

Saturday, Feb 13, 2010 8:15AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Cash Money Records' co-founder Bryan "Baby" Williams has confirmed recent reports of his company expanding outside of music to takeover the oil and natural gases industry.

According to Birdman, he has been actively involved in the oil trade for quite some time.

"I've been in the oil business about 4 or 5 years now," he revealed in an interview. "That's something me and my brother decided to do outside of music. I read about oil a lot and I was able to get in business. [My company] is called Browner Oil, and I'm making good money off that; that's something for my kids and my kids' kids. They can live off that money forever. I did a few different deals. That was just one of them. When you're dealing with oil, you buy in different areas. Right now I'm active; I got pumps and sh*t that are getting money monthly. I like that oil sh*t. I'm gonna put some more time into it." (Ozone Magazine)

Reports of the venture began to circulate online last month.

Bronald Oil & Gas are using several locations to develop oil and gas outlets, such as Osage County, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana,Florida, and unidentified Central America sites. The Williams brothers have issued a mission statement which lists key initiatives which they believe will be instrumental in developing oil and gas energy production in the 21st century: Forming strategic alliances with other operators to leverage their respective experience and strengths on development. Forming partnerships with service, equipment and technology companies. By partnering with such companies, some of our fields may be designated as "testing ground" for new and developing technologies. (All Hip Hop)

According to the company's website, there is also an international aim to expand the business.

These efforts have initially been focused on Central America, while Bronald intends to also carefully review other international opportunities in such places as Africa. Once again, Bronald intends to leverage its network of existing relationships to identify and secure development opportunities. (Bronald Oil)

Last month, Birdman spoke on Cash Money's ability to connect with younger generations.

"We believe in giving a youngster an opportunity to [express] what their vision is," Baby said in an interview. "To corporate, you're just an artist in a box. But when you f*ck with us, you inherit a family. Corporate will never be able to f*ck with us, because we're in touch with the young world...I want to do more in the business than anyone ever did. I feel like people died for our success...Nobody else deserves this." (Miami New Times)

Check out a recent Birdman interview down below:

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