News: Urban Clothing Designer On Working W/ Fabolous, "We Appreciate His Love For Our Brand"

Monday, Jan 11, 2010 6:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Motown Universal A&R  has spoken on his popular urban clothing company, Cavi, and how he has been able to link with artists like Fabolous to help spread its awareness.

According to Gapud, Fab has worked with him in the past.

"Fab has been a great supporter of CAVI since day one," he said in an interview. "We appreciate his love for our brand. He really understands how CAVI should be worn. Fab's clothing line, Rich Yung, did a collaboration military shirt/tee box set with CAVI last year that went really well. Other than that, we are basically supporters of each other. CAVI has never been a celebrity driven live. We pride in ourselves on pushing great product and the people who support our movement." (All Hip Hop)

The company began to gain attention thanks to Jay-Z.

"I'm the founder and designer and I do all the marketing," Gapud said in a past interview. "My partner, Danny, he's the CEO. He handles all the operations and makes sure everything's running tight. My other partner, Nathan, makes sure all the manufacturing is on point. After Jay-Z had on Cavi at the 2004 BET awards, it just snowballed after that. I was getting calls left and right from stylists, management and magazines. It wasn't even in stores, yet, I was doing it by hand and selling it independently." (Format Mag)

Last August, F-a-b-o landed a sneaker deal through Reebok.

Fabolous, in partnership with Cornerstone Promotion and Foot Locker, will kick-off the series as the first one hundred fans in each city will be able to "buy a pair, get a pair" -- receiving a pair of tickets to a first-of-its-kind, exclusive, intimate Fabolous performance. Fabolous will personally meet with fans at Foot Locker locations throughout the US to promote Reebok's Classic Remix footwear collection and the Classic Remix Concert Series. Cities include, New York City, New York (August 24, 2009), New Orleans, Louisiana (August 26, 2009), Miami, Florida (August 28, 2009), Houston, Texas (September 1, 2009), and Atlanta, Georgia (September 3, 2009). (Press Release)

Fab also touched on the re-launch of Rich Yung last fall.

"We switched over our manufacturer and distributor so we will be back for this fall and winter season," he said in an interview last October. "We have a lot of new stuff. We've got people who see our vision now and are gonna help bring what we're trying to bring; not just what they want to do. They see our vision and really connected with us and they're ready to put it out. So I'm glad that we actually took a second off to get with some better people who could really help the brand instead of hurt it." (I Luv Lola)

Check out Fabolous speaking on his clothing line below:

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