News: UPDATE: Knoc-Turn'al Says Game Can't "Break" His Career, "I Was Here Before Him" [Video]

Friday, Jan 29, 2010 5:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Knoc-turn'al has responded to recent attacks Twitter attacks from Game.

According to Knoc, he stands by his opinion and is unfazed by Game's remarks.

"I'm not in high school, I don't have to go on Twitter to say anything, I'm a grown man," Knoc told radio personality EI8HT about Game's remarks. "I'm pretty sure he's close to home, he's in Compton, I'm in Long Beach. We know some of the same similar people you know. So I'm pretty sure if he wanted to address the situation, he could have called me and got in contact with me, I'm not hard to find...The simplest thing for him to do instead of acting like he's in high school and getting on this Twitter like a little high school kid and saying a bunch of reckless things, all you had to do was call the people we know and we could have talked about it. This is why the Internet is wrong for some people because it makes you look silly...My manager [reached out for a collaboration request] -- I'm a grown man, I don't have to lie about anything...I send stuff out to all the West Coast cats, Warren G, Snoop's not that I got at him on Twitter, I got at everybody on the West Coast...He can't make or break my career. I was here before him and I'm still the prince of the West Coast. 'I' took time off to get myself and my family together..." ("Street Disciplez")

Writing via Twitter, Game addressed Knoc's initial interview and took shots at the emcee's career.

"4 days ago, knocturnal was hittin me on here, sayin how much he a fan & can we work, now he on da radio talkin sideways cuz I said NO! ha ha see u when I see u #b*tch*ssn*gga ! u had half a hit, u only sold 3 copies & now u a crackhead ! get some help n*gga or go OD somewhere f*g @ihategame this was lil homie reachin out, now he dissin ha ha... somebody help blood out now put a DISS out so I can put yo *ss 2 sleep n*gga ! R.E.D. P.S. ah give you a quarter piece if you come wash my Bentley & Range up smoker you such a h*e I might let my lil sister @bphlii give u a lethal 16 ! she killin most da n*ggas out here in anyway. call #1800-get-some-fans R.I.P. C*ck-turnal ! music career (born) 6-14-99 (died) TODAY !" (Game's Twitter)

Knoc previously suggested that 50 Cent kept Game on Aftermath Records.

"Game is from Compton, we know that, okay," Knoc told radio personality EI8HT. "Game was about to get dropped from Aftermath. You hear me? And Aftermath was about to drop him, Interscope was about to drop him and 50 Cent picked him up and put hooks. The only reason why he was about to get dropped from Aftermath is because he couldn't make no hooks for his own music. So 50 Cent picked him up, you hear me? I hope you hear me. [He] made some hooks, 50 Cent made some hooks for him and put him out and sold five million records. What's wrong with that?" ("Street Discplez Radio")

Game recently discussed destroying the G-Unit brand when he left the group in 2005.

"[50] said recently in an interview that he'll never work with Game again but that's all him talking and his ego. I can't wait to mend the ties with Eminem. Me and Eminem had never been at odds but he had to take 50's side...I killed G-Unit. I killed the clothes, I killed the brand, I killed Tony Ya-Yo, Banks and Buck at that time. Like I really f*cked up a lot of money for that dude. Not only for him but my label, Jimmy Iovine, who at this point, I'm apologetic to." (Complex)

Check out Knoc-turn-al responding to Game below:

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