News: UPDATE: J-Boog Discusses Domestic Dispute Arrest, "I Love & Respect All Women"

Friday, Jan 8, 2010 8:39AM

Written by Biz Jones

B2K singer J-Boog has addressed his recent arrest following a domestic dispute and promised he has nothing but the utmost respect toward females.

Writing in a statement, the R&B crooner also said he was taken in by police on traffic violations, not violence.

"I did not get charged with any form of domestic violence against the mother of my children," J-Boog said in a statement. "I love and respect all of the women in my life and would never harm any of them. Domestic violence is a very serious matter and one that should be treated that way. However, this was not a case of domestic abuse. I was taken into custody due to outstanding traffic violations. I took care of the situation, no charges were filed, and I was released Tuesday evening. Thank you to my fans who stood by me, regardless of any circulating rumors." (Ballerstatus)

Boog representative Damuer Leffridge previously spoke on the claims.

"Me and Boog are like four or five streets apart," Leffridge said in an interview. "We're like the only black dudes in the neighborhood, amongst a lot of wealthy Caucasian people. And they don't want to hear all that loud music and stuff. Jarell and them, they keep up a lot of noise -- this just the truth. And when him and her were screaming on each other on a Sunday afternoon, talking crazy, one of the neighbors decided to call the police. The reality is, the police came and they couldn't get in the security gate. So they chose to jump the gate. Boog doesn't always pay attention to the buzzer, so he doesn't know when people are outside sometimes. So police was outside for a while trying to get his attention. The police said that if [Boog and his girlfriend] hadn't been so hostile they would have let them stayed, but because they were both screaming they chose to break them up and take him instead of taking her." (VIBE)

Reports of the arrest spread online Monday (January 4) evening.

J-Boog from B2K -- aka Jarell Damonte Houston -- was arrested for domestic violence at his L.A. home yesterday -- TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us Boog was arrested late afternoon for "corporal punishment on a spouse" as well as for outstanding warrants relating to an allegedly bad driving record. (TMZ)

Speculation suggested the victim was his child's mother.

When the police were called, the showed up 6 or 7 squad cars deep. J-Boog isn't known to be seeing anyone besides the mother of his child, so we assume this is the women in question. WOW, First Teddy Riley, now this... 2010 must be the year that R&B dudes get their BEATDOWN on.... (Dime Wars)

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