News: Tahiry Wants Hollywood Spotlight, "I'm Not Trying To Be Halle Berry, But Rosie Perez 2010" [Video]

Monday, Jan 25, 2010 1:35PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Tahiry Jose recently shared her outlook on advancing her career said she would like to take a stab at Hollywood.

According to rapper Joe Budden's ex-girlfriend, a reality show may also be in the works.

"Right now, we're setting it all up, I'm looking at reality TV," Tahiry revealed to interviewer DJ Vlad. "Possibly try some acting. I just had a couple interviews and I said I'm not trying to be Halle Berry, but Rosie Perez 2010 why the f*ck not? I'm never afraid to try anything. Hosting, I did that for the Rucker -- whatever door's open, I'm walking right through them. [Me and Joe] were doing meetings [for a reality show], but we were doing it together. Now we're basically, there's a fork in the road. Yes, it was pretty close [to finalizing]. Sad but true. We got as far as sitting down and being right where we need to be." (Vlad TV)

Tahiry recently poked fun at the break-up between Budden and model/rapper Somaya Reece.

"B*tch, what did you think would happen," Tahiry asked in a video recording. "No, seriously. Five years in and he does it to me, do you really think that you're lending yourself by letting somebody put the battery in your back? I'm supposed to fight everybody -- wasn't you in LA somewhere with the white folks? And now you wanna come -- you didn't go at me, not that I care because I'm fine, I just love to see how it plays and this clown show. I just love to watch how the chips just fall as they should. So again, nothing against you, you should have known better girl. At this point, it is what it is." (This Is 50)

She was also taunted by radio host Funkmaster Flex last month.

"Kellis played herself too!!! She's crazy for sh*tiing on nas. She was finished before nas gave her a life.What was she thinking...B*tch just because you f*cked joe buddens and was in the 50 video doesn't make you a celeb (buddens gave you a life)." (Funkmaster Flex's Twitter)

Tahiry later responded to Flex's comments.

"Shout-outs to Flex, I don't remember exactly," Tahiry said, "I think he touched bases on my relationship where Joey gave me life and I thank Joey very much for exposing my backside, the cover of KING Magazine and everything else that's happened. Thank-you Joe. And he said something about Joey giving me life and me not being a celebrity, fine, but I think he went in on a lot of other people so the beginning, first two minutes I was like 'Flex -- you know how it feels to have people commenting about your personal [life], it's not a very good feeling,' but then I forget people don't really know me personally and people didn't know much from what they saw on blogs about my five-year relationship so to each's own, as long as they keep talking." (Global Grind)

Check out Tahiry speaking on acting down below:

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