News: Tahiry Responds To Funkmaster Flex's Twitter Disses, "I Thank Joey Very Much For Exposing My Backside" [Video]

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2010 10:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Joe Budden's ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose, has responded to the negative Twitter remarks made by radio personality Funkmaster Flex.

According to Tahiry, she did not take Flex's comments too seriously.

"Shout-outs to Flex, I don't remember exactly," Tahiry said, "I think he touched bases on my relationship where Joey gave me life and I thank Joey very much for exposing my backside, the cover of KING Magazine and everything else that's happened. Thank-you Joe. And he said something about Joey giving me life and me not being a celebrity, fine, but I think he went in on a lot of other people so the beginning, first two minutes I was like 'Flex -- you know how it feels to have people commenting about your personal [life], it's not a very good feeling,' but then I forget people don't really know me personally and people didn't know much from what they saw on blogs about my five-year relationship so to each's own, as long as they keep talking." (Global Grind)

Writing on his Twitter page New Year's Eve, Flex highlighted what 2009 events caught his attention.

"Christina millian has played herself as well.. When dream kicks her to the curb... I'm going to seek and detroy.," Flex wrote. "What about rkelly dropping that brick album.. "Mr touchy feely" crazy that this is allowed...Russel made kamora.. Then you get with a corn ball n*gga and pop out a kid like its groovy... Aint sh*t groovy. I peeped it!!! It was wack...No dissrespect but solange knoles is never going to pop (sell records) Beyonce shouldn't have to carrry all that dead weight.. No dissrespect but kelly rolland is not going to pop also! Kellis played herself too!!! She's crazy for sh*tiing on nas. She was finished before nas gave her a life.What was she thinking...B*tch just because you f*cked joe buddens and was in the 50 video doesn't make you a celeb (buddens gave you a life) There is no new era hat that can fit rihanna ... No way!!! No dissrespect but beenie sigel dissing jayz didn't work at all...No dissrespect tpain dissing jayz didn't work at all!!! Lil wayne baby mammas is crazy!!When they decide to get upset.. They all getting tv shows!!!" (Funkmaster Flex's Twitter)

Late last year, Tahiry spoke on distancing herself from ex-boyfriend Joe Budden.

"I'm not thinking about Joey, I'm not thinking about anybody else, I don't care what he's doing, what he's with who, anything that has to do with him, it's no longer my business...Let's move on, can I live? I'm going to continue to do me whether another record comes out about me, another blog. I don't really care." (Radio Planet TV)

Tahiry recently talked about the importance of keeping relationships private.

"Well, it comes with the territory to be quite honest," Tahiry said about having a publicized relationship with rapper Joe Budden. "I personally have no regret. I signed up for this, and it is what it is. I think that breakups shouldn't be as ugly. When you've been with somebody for so long you should find other ways to let it out. But you're in the public eye, so even if you walk down the block with someone people might think you're sleeping together. So it's between you and the other person to keep it like Beyonce and Jay[-Z] -- they only give you a little...I have something in the works with a production company right now. We're gathering footage right now, and we should start filming in January. We're talking with networks and it's just life. I think people can relate to being with someone for half of a decade then having to pick up the pieces and start all over again. I went from being a bartender--and I'm still a bartender--to waiting on tables, to being on the cover of a magazine. It's my life, my family...just keeping it Washington Heights, Harlem." (Hip Hop DX)

Check out Tahiry Jose responding to Funkmaster Flex's disses below:

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