News: T-Pain Lets "Freaknik" Out The Hat, "Some People Are Going To Hate It, Some People Are Going To Think It's Funny"

Thursday, Jan 28, 2010 10:25AM

Written by Biz Jones

R&B singer T-Pain has shared details about his forthcoming "Freaknik: The Musical" animated special with Kelis and Lil Wayne.

According to Pain, the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim special has been a dream of his.

"You can't do what you want to do, you can't be as silly as you want to be (and) people won't take you seriously in music," T-Pain said in an interview. "It was a gift...I always wanted to do a cartoon and I didn't know it would be this good...Some people are going to hate it, some people are going to think it's funny." (ABC News)

The special will feature a variety of celebrities and entertainers.

The cartoon, rated TV-MA, follows students who are looking to resurrect the now-defunct street party, and T-Pain is the "party ghost." It also features Andy Samberg, Lil' Wayne, Bill Hader, Kelis, Snoop Dogg and George Clinton, among others. Lil Wayne voices the character Trap Jesus, who T-Pain describes as having "a Jesus-type aura to him." Samberg portrays a "frat boy" while Kelis plays the role of Tyra Banks, whose television show T-Pain's character appears on. (Seattle PI)

Adult Swim Creative Director Jake Escobedo previously spoke on the show's concept.

"Basically it was a Black Spring Break that went down in Atlanta and got shut down back in '98 or '99. So the show is going to resurrect that, and it's going to be starring T-Pain and Lil' Wayne and all these other artists like David Banner and some other dudes. it's all drawn, and T-Pain plays the ghost of Spring Break, the Spirit of Freaknik. He brings this party back to Atlanta and the artists have done all this music for it, and it's amazing." (Complex)

After early speculation cited Wayne as portraying biblical figure, Jesus Christ, a television executive recently denied these claims.

TV bosses have laughed off reports Lil Wayne is set to play Jesus Christ in a new animated show, insisting his character simply shares his name with the Son of God. It was recently announced the star would lend his voice to Return of Freaknik, a one-hour special being produced for America's Adult Swim network by fellow rapper T-Pain. A spokesperson for the network explains, "Lil Wayne's character is still evolving. All we can say is that he is named Jesus and not Jesus Christ." (Wonder Wall MSN)

The special airs Sunday, March 7th on Adult Swim.

Check out Akon speaking on T-Pain down below:

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