News: Suge Knight's Net Income Reportedly $15K A Year

Saturday, Jan 9, 2010 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Death Row Records owner Suge Knight has reportedly had his financial records exposed showing the ex-labelhead to Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg with a net income of just over $1,200 a month.

In light of his financial crunch, Knight is reportedly handling a child support claim.

The mother of Suge Knight's four-and-a-half year-old child is gunning for cash -- but she won't be getting much, and Suge's paltry "presumed income" is to blame.According to papers filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Tammie Renell Hawkins is seeking child support for Taz Maree Knight, who was born in May 2005. Here's the catch: By California law, support is based on the presumed income of the person coughing up the dough -- and according to the docs, Suge's net income is only $1,207 a month! Because of his haul, the most Tammie can request monthly is $302. (TMZ)

Knight's name recently made headlines after being publicly taunted by West Coast rapper Game.

"It's 2010 and I said f*ck Suge!," Game freestyled during a performance. "Because I'm a motherf*cking animal/And they don't know that I'm a cannibal/Emcees I eat 'em, thick b*tches I beat 'em/I fry haters up just 'cause I don't need 'em/Where the f*ck we from, n*gga from Compton/Where the f*ck we from, we from Compton...Weezy, I made that n*gga a Blood, Jim Jones, I made that n*gga a Blood, Gucci [Mane], I made that n*gga a Blood, so when they throw it up, eveybody say what's up...Everybody in this b*tch know what Game 'bout/Suge took the same route...Let's vote, 2010, n*gga f*ck Death Row!" (WSHH)

Knight recently spoke on his views of the rap game.

"I'm gonna be doing some movies, gonna do some music but you know mainly I've been around my environment," he explained in an interview. "You know, going back to the stomping grounds that I never left, enjoying it is basically what I've been doing. You know, you got a lot new artists out there. I mean Lil Wayne, his stuff is always hot. Even Jeezy had a cut I liked this year. There's a lot of artists I feel aren't really out yet, you got Glasses Malone. Glasses is on his way, same thing with Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey's gonna do well, Glasses is gonna do extremely well. Jay Rock is gonna do well. More importantly, these top guns nobody knows about, I got some sh*t where it feels like it's back to the basics kinda how it is when you feel the music, it's not like so commercial." (Hip Hop Stan)

Known for controversy, Suge's "bad guy" image was recently questioned by former Death Row artist Crooked I.

"Suge taught me a lot," Crooked explained in an interview. "He sat me down with Russell Simmons. He sat me down with Lyor Cohen. He sat me down with LA Reid. He sat me down with the bosses who moved this game...All the bosses, they do it the same kinda way, it's just that they was intimidated by the dude...People get intimidated, I don't blame him for that, I blame the person who's intimidated. Why be intimidated? Okay motherf*cker, that's how you wanna come, this is me coming. I don't blame him, it's like, step up motherf*cker...The industry wants me to bad mouth Suge Knight, they want me to. I don't have sh*t to say bad really like that. I made money on Death Row, it launched me to where I'm at, when I walk into the offices at a record company they respect me because they know what I've been through." (Hip Hop Game)

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