News: Styles P Vows To Step Up The Mixtape Game W/ DJ Green Lantern

Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010 10:30AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Styles P and DJ Green Lantern have spoken about their forthcoming Green Ghost Project album and the effect that it will have on hip-hop.

Styles feels the project will give old school rap fans a 90's vibe at certain points.

"We said we wanted the feel of what they supposed to be doing on mixtapes today with the '90s touch to it," Styles explained in an interview. "'90s touch means giving a d*mn about it. [This is] not for the rap fan; [it's] for the hip-hop fan." (MTV)

Green added that the project is more than just your standard mixtape album.

"We never did a whole joint together," Green said about how the project came together. "We was like, 'When we do it, it's gonna be groundbreaking.' Nobody never did nothing like this before. It's groundbreaking. Normally, when people do these types of things, they pair up and do a mixtape. This is more than that. This is a collaboration. It's a mixtape feel, 'cause it's me and him, but it's really got an album feel. I produced half of the joints. Then I put on my executive-producer hat, called up the homies. They came through with some fire joints...The result is an album cover, art, packaging, more than anything, bar-coded. Step your bar code up. It's a great look, man. DJ and artist come together and really put out a quality product." (MTV)

Rappers like Fabolous have spoken on why the mixtape game has begun to feel dead.

"The Drake mixtape of course was a huge success," Fab explained in an interview. "Lil Wayne's tape generated a lot of interest. I saw Wayne and just listening to his tape gave me kinda the feeling that people still accepted the mixtapes and wanted to hear it. I guess it's particular artists that they attach to but I had felt even with the most high-class artists, people were getting so used to getting free music that the mixtape game wasn't that influential anymore. So when I seen what [Wayne's] No Ceilings did, it let me see that there's still definitely potential there, there's still that market there. I think for me it's definitely there because my albums tend to be a little more mainstream than my mixtapes." (Real Talk NY)

Prior to being released last week, Dipset's Cam'ron recently spoke on working with DJ Drama to drop their Boss Of All Bosses 2 compilation mixtape.

"I understand completely," Cam added. "At the end of the day, I'ma keep it a hundred, I don't really Twitter like that, Vado done showed me some wild sh*t on Twitter so I'm like, n*ggas get antzy. I told n*ggas Tuesday, so they say Tuesday. Or Monday, pardon me, I say Monday, n*ggas say Monday they expect [it to drop] Monday. So at the end of the day, we looking like next Monday, Tuesday definite? You know what's good, when I tell n*ggas though, it's better that n*ggas want it instead of them saying they don't give a f*ck when it's coming out. No h*mo." (YouTube)

Check out a recent Styles P interview below:

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