News: Styles P Makes Retirement Plans, "You Can't Rap Forever" [Video]

Thursday, Jan 28, 2010 11:15AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Lox's Styles P recently reflected on his career in the rap game and discussed his plans for life once he puts the microphone up in a few years.

According to "The Ghost," book and film opportunities await him outside of hip-hop.

"I got a book coming though, Mr. Invincible, a fiction joint coming out, through Nicki Turner Presents and Random House," Styles told radio personality Mr. Peter Parker. "We're trying to expand, also we got a couple straight-to-DVD films D-Block is trying to put out. Phantom Gangster Chronicles, we got part one and about to put out part two and three so we're just trying to expand the brand. I need another occupation, man. You can't rap forever. We got young D-Block, I'm still in the [rap] game but eventually I gotta pass the baton but eventually I'll be out of the relay. It'll be all on them and I can just spot check when I want to. I think a lot of rappers and emcees forget to pass the torch and open the door for other people. So when I do do that and I'm not playing the whole game, I wanna do something where I 'can' play the whole game -- around six, seven more years so I can relax and do the whole book thing..." (Mr. Peter Parker)

Last year, Eminem contemplated when he would say good-bye to the rap game.

"We just haven't found anything that's been the right thing at the right time," Em explained in an interview about his film career. "I have to be finished with this album and then I'll probably want to jump into something like that. I don't know if there's a movie where I'll want to be in every single scene again, but something, yeah...It was, 'I don't want to be a rapper when I'm 40,' and the next time we talk it will be, "I don't want to be a rapper when I'm 50." Sixty is the cut-off. I can't be no 60-year-old rapper, son!" (Complex)

Rakim recently spoke with SOHH about when rappers should call it quits and retire.

"Yeah, I think what's happening is, rappers are becoming, especially for people that love a rapper, rap and hip-hop come to party," Rakim explained. "You can't just put it down. It's not like sports where you know, you lose a step. You can lose skills in rapping of course, but it's a little different man and I think sitting back and watching the R&B genre, you got, at any awards show and you see brothers like Al Green come out and tear it down. It's longevity in R&B and I think if it's done right, to an extent, I think we can have a little longer gevity in hip-hop, it don't just have to be a young music anymore. You got people like myself, I'm in my 40's now, early, early early like real early. I just touched 40, but still, I don't plan on stop listening to rap anytime soon and I don't plan to stop rhyming no time soon and it's that tug-of-war with the fans." (SOHH)

Lil Wayne recently said owning a sports team would be his ideal career after rap.

"I always said I ain't wanna do this no more after 35, I ain't wanna do it no more," Wayne revealed in an interview with radio personality Tim Westwood. "So any time before 30 and 35, I might give it up. [But now] I gotta work as hard as I can so I ain't gotta look back. [When I retire, I'll] do something else, I'm gonna retire from this and probably jump into some ownership of some sports team or you know, I'm very heavy into sports. Any sport. [I'd want ownership] of the team. It doesn't matter, it could be basketball, it could be baseball, of course it wouldn't be baseball, there's too much money to own that, but it could be basketball or football, it wouldn't matter. I could buy into a baseball team with someone." (Tim Westwood TV)

Check out Styles P's interview below:

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