News: Ryan Leslie Announces "Les Is More" Album For 2010

Thursday, Jan 7, 2010 11:30AM

Written by Rosario Harper

R&B hitmaker Ryan Leslie has revealed his work on upcoming albums for Rick Ross and Jazmine Sullivan plus announced plans to release his next solo album, Les Is More, this year.

According to Leslie, he is also trying to lock in studio time with Usher.

"Be on the look-out for Mary J's new album," Leslie said in an interview. "Be on the look-out for Rick Ross' new album, Jazmine Sullivan's new album, if we can get our schedules together, I will be on the new Usher album. Hopefully you have the Chris Brown album. In 2010, I'm also going to be doing a new album and it's going to be called Les Is More. L-e-s, like Leslie. Les Is More and be on the look-out for that too. That's gonna be really good." (All That's Fab)

Writing via his popular Twitter page, Leslie recently revealed working with rappers Busta Rhymes and Game.

"[Busta] I am cooking up a scorcher for you, big homie. I told you I got you!!!!!!!!!!!," he wrote over the weekend. "...spent extra time on this record for the @ihategame R.E.D. album. Said he wanted a joint I would've given BIG. Tall order." (Ryan Leslie's Twitter)

Leslie recently said he is still aiming to make the one record capable of connecting to his fans and newcomers.

"They'll do big superstar numbers when I'm a big superstar," Leslie told DJ Vlad in an interview. "I mean, we working on it. It takes consistent messaging and it takes superstar exposure so like I said, usually the vehicle for exposure is a record so once there is a record that connects, and everyone is listening to it, and the people who haven't heard of me hear that record and that's the way they're introduced to me, then I mean, it's just a very simple process how it goes down. So we're building on that and we're working on that." (Vlad TV)

With his sophomore album, Transition, pushing around 12,000 copies its first-week, Leslie said he was primarily concerned on the overall sound, not sold copies.

"My reaction to sales is always the same," he said in an interview. "When you do something extraordinary, people are going to respond in an extraordinary way. I'm just very appreciative that I can make music and put it out and people are going to respond the way that they want. At this point, I just want to make the best music I can make. What's underwhelming in terms of sales? Was there an expectation that I was going to sell one million records on week one? Uh, no. The level of exposure that I have currently would make that nearly impossible." (Honey Mag)

No further details on Les Is More have been revealed as of now.

Check out Ryan Leslie's interview down below:

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