News: Russell Simmons, Questlove, Jean Grae React To President Obama's State Of The Union Address

Thursday, Jan 28, 2010 3:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Russell Simmons, Questlove, Jean Grae and more have shared their reactions to United States President Barack Obama's State of the Union address last night.

The Def Jam co-founder viewed the president's speech as both uplifting and well thought out.

"Good speech. Stood up strong. Some controversial subjects.. Even talked about gay rights.," Russell wrote via Twitter. ""we don't quit. i don't quit." what a line -- middle of the road speech -- he is trying to bring people together -- RT @GlobalGrind: LIVE! JOIN US NOW! chat w Russell Simmons' political director @michaelskolnikabout Obama" (Russell Simmons' Twitter)

While brief, Questlove also pointed out a key quotation from Barack.

"we don't quit......I don't quit". -mos def 1996. barack obama 2010," Quest wrote during the State of the Union address broadcast. (Questlove's Twitter)

Talib Kweli associate Jean Grae took a more straight forward approach and detailed her reactions to the address.

"Listen, the Supreme Court moment w/the dead lady in the front That is all. I don't share my political views. I just entertain Republican translation? "Good evening.. I'm a c*ck. I have kids. They're wack. Turn page" "Hey man. People not working? NOT COOL. I wanna get people jobs. Jobs would be better" "Aight the president said stuff... people want us to do things. They said that to us" #repubresponse "We want high quality sh*t. Stop suing doctors for malpractice... doctors are cool. And we have twitter. Hit us up" #repubresponses "Did I say high quality again? Cause I f*cking meant it. Determine how smart your kid is by how ..wait.. f*ck"#repubresponses..." (Jean Grae's Twitter)

Poet Amanda Diva also jotted down her thoughts as the event took place.

"state of the union. geez they keep standing...ez ez I know there are some that disagree with the overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change..." -Obama #ZING" (Amanda Diva's Twitter)

Obama's primal focus last night centered on health care reform and creating more jobs.

Democratic lawmakers must soon decide whether President Barack Obamais leading them toward statesmanlike courage or political folly with his take-no-prisoners reassertion of an ambitious social agenda. Obama used his first State of the Union speech Wednesday to push nervous Democrats to forge ahead on health care, despite voters' worries and opposition from newly strengthened Republicans. Sharpening his focus on the economy, he offered a hodgepodge of tax breaks and other incentives to create new jobs. (Washington Post)

Check out a portion of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address below:

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