Pulse Report: Rick Ross Reveals Mafia Ties, The South Hates 50 Cent, Lil Wayne & Drake Got Competition

Friday, Jan 22, 2010 11:40AM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, we're bringing that a** back seven days to see why Rick Ross will always be "The Boss," admit The South ain't f*cking with 50 Cent, find out who Lil Wayne and Drake ain't f*cking with in hip-hop and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Who's The Boss?

Yes, I have finally come to a consensus, it took me about three and a half years but now it's no longer a doubt, Officer Ricky Ross is-the-BOSS. Not kinda, sorta, "maybe," dude is THE BIGGEST BOSS THAT WE'VE SEEN THUS FAR. Period. There are too many key examples to point out but let's just go with the whole 5-0 Cent situation. There is "nothing" 5-0 did to Ross that his corrections officer past didn't already do to him, so please stop fakin' like any success/failure should be attributed to Fiddy. SMFH...nah doggies. LA Reid gave him the shot, Jay-Z gave him the credibility off that "Hustlin'" remix and dude pretty much b*tch slapped Trick Daddy from the "mayor" post of Florida.

Trick Daddy And Rick Ross

So with that said, let's now take a moment to see once again why Ross can still get album release authorization:

"Kilograms were the key to my success/I apologize for being so discreet with my connect/Lamborghinis with figments of my imagination/Whoever figured the figures this figure'd be making/Plenty dream my women pose like figurines...HOT SH*T, DOPE LINES.....my glock hole bigger than NICKI MINAJ camel toe...so let the panel know we back commission in tact, Teflon Don all black in contrast. I'm only here to succeed my successors, RIP Paul Castellano, Myalansky, Bumpy Johnson, Al Capone, T. Rogers..........."

LMFAO. You know what's so f*cking sad? Y'all got your heads so far up dude's a** that you don't even see the bigger picture, do y'all? Now I know I got some real rap heads that f*ck with me in Pulse Report, so let me point this out to you. Frank White (Biggie Smalls), real name: Christopher Wallace. Rick Ross, real name: Robert Williams. Y'all caught up to anything yet? Well let me just spell it out for you, Ross' "Mafia" and "Maybach" records are more than just some luxury a** sh*t to rap about, it's the modern day version of what Biggie was doing. Come on y'all, Charlie Baltimore? The Commission? That "No Way Out" album cover? All them sh*ts had the Black Mafia co-sign on it and yet here we are in 2009/2010 and it's rarely ever brought up. All those name drops Ross did in "Mafia Music Part 2" and all of them being "gangsters?" Sure, Biggie's sh*ts like Nino Brown and Frank White were fictional, but the concept reigned true fools. But let's be clear.....Biggie goes untouched especially when Ross puts up a dud a** record like:

SMFH...Game's bars on that sh*t are horrible. Sorry @ihategame. And f*ck it, if y'all don't believe me, then just ask your boy 5-0 Cent:

*Blank A** Stare*

2. Hate Me Now

@BulldogButterworth "Why all the G-Unit hate? You're a HATER!!!" SMFH....on the low-low, y'all gotta construct your arguments a lot better before I feel tempted to even really detail my sh*t, but regardless, yes, it's time to put all this bullsh*t rap glitz and glamour to the side and admit it. THE SOUTH HATES 5-0 CENT. Now aight, that doesn't include your little cousin who still listens to "21 Questions" on their Nano or to your mom/dad still jammin' to "In Da Club" like it came out on a DJ Whoo Kid mixtape from the bodega store, nah doggies, we realize that, but just like Massachusetts said f*ck it and got a got d*mn Republican senator, same rings true to my Southern connects. But before we get into that, let's once again observe 5-0 refusing to say, "No comment" and try to kick rocks at the rapper that made HIM hot back in 2000 and then again on that Reebok tour three years later.

"It's the competitive nature of the art form," Fif explained about his relationship with Jay. "It's still there, he still competes too. He just does it so subliminal that people don't read it. To me, it's a softer way to do it. A safer way to do it because no one directly feels offended by it...Why not just say it? I don't feel the [disses]. You gotta at least let the [diss be noticeable.] A guy that's that subtle, how do you really take offense to those activities? You know, I get really disrespectful, I don't mind. And then it's like, we can go to the other space and it can really go down."

SMFH....let me....nah, f*ck it, lead by example...NO COMMENT...but now, taking what dude said about Jay being "soft" and flipping it on him....let's hear what the South is saying about 5-0.

Young Buck on reaching out to 5-0 Cent:

"Mr. Curtis can only hold me for so long," Buck said in an interview with DJ Scream. "Eventually he's gotta come to some type of terms of negotiations. I haven't spoke to 50 in three years. I done did every thing you could do, called the n*gga's phone to having lawyers reach out. I really just want to have a sit-down with this n*gga, eye to eye. [We can do it] personally or on ESPN, BET, MTV, wherever he wanna do this sh*t, I just really want to look at this sh*t in his eyes and see how this n*gga really feels and how he's going about handling me because I'm a real n*gga and this is something that 50 does though. Every one of themG-Unit n*ggas know how I get down. Period. Ain't no bullsh*t..."

B.G. talking about 5-0 Cent not clearing Young Buck's record:

"50 Cent has been hating on him all away around the board. 50 has been hating on him. 50 Cent didn't want to clear him for the record. I thought ['So Disrespectful'] was funny. I mean I thought it was funny, but I didn't find it funny. He could have used something else. If your gonna' play with Buck, play with Buck, but don't play with me because he doesn't even know me like that. That's rap; you know what I'm saying? Me personally, if he was in my region... he rolls with the secret service - the media police. I ain't even entertaining that sh*t because I already know. That's how he came up; dissing real n*ggas. He already took a real n*gga name from the streets and ran with it. I don't even want to talk about that."

Just for the record.....we could add Florida (Rick Ross, Triple C's, DJ Khaled), Georgia (T.I., Young Dro, Grand Hustle Records), Louisiana (Baby, Lil Wayne, Cash Money Records) and the list goes on. Let's be very clear though, I'm not saying F*CK 5-0 CENT at all, sh*t, I hope he can one day sell another gold album but bottom line is you got somebody like B.G. speaking dirty to him in a wide medium like that? Come on y'all, that only lets you imagine what the rest of the South is really thinking...Hhhmmmmm like a motherf*cker on that.......

3. One Missed Call

Tupac Shakur? He's aight. Biggie Smalls? Decent. Big Pun? So-so. Lil Wayne, Drake and Dipset? Horrible!!! LMFAO. Okay, let me stop before y'all start to take me serious. Just when I thought Hurricane Chris was the only one smoking that wild sh*t, here comes Oz's latest story, Maxi Max B trying to desperately find a way to get the blogs to talk about him and of course, @sohhdotcom did. SMFH. Before we even get too far into this sh*t, let's just hear what this dude is saying through a 1-800-Collect call:

"Who can f*ck with me," B asked in an interview. "I'ma tell you right now, Weezy can't f*ck with me, Drake can't f*ck with me. The whole Dipset I'd smash, single handedly, none of them can f*ck with me. My sh*t is up there with Pac and them, only thing different is I didn't get a chance to put my album out. But if you listen to my tapes, 80 percent of that sh*t be original music. Original bars, original hooks. Nobody can f*ck with me..."

Wait....ummm.....isn't this the same dude that tried to beef with Game before his a** got slammed (PAUSE?) with 75 years in the penal system?

"I don't even listen to the radio man," Max said in an interview. "I just sit in my cell...All that male stripper sh*t man, I'm not co-signing that. N*ggas is using my slang, I hear a lot of wavy...I'm not hearing no 'Free Max,' no homage...Soon y'all n*ggas gonna be getting Max B tattoos on your f*cking a**es, you f*cking homo n*ggas. N*ggas is frauds, you f*cking girly frauds. Girly f*ggots...When I say something, I do it. When I say I'm gonna end a n*gga's career, I end it, you already know. I can't wait, I can't wait."

Zzzzzzzzzzzz.......okay, so Weezy and "Degrassi's" biggest post-show star are in the clear. But just for the f*ck of it, let's point out why Max ain't on f*cking with the Top 500 rappers of any and all time:

4. The Boredom For More

Let's be honest and please don't take it the wrong way. NOBODY IS WAITING FOR THE RUFF RYDER MOVEMENT. Sorry, but once I heard them boys (and Eve) were off of Interscope Records and are gonna try to do some indie way to get out that compilation album I've been hearing about, nah doggies, I'm rolling with Jimmy Iovine on this sh*t, PASS. Well, to be fair, let's not focus on this never-ending and never-gonna-happen Ruff Ryders sh*t and focus on the biggest jump-off that happened. EVE IS BACK. Yeah fools, the chick who showed those small boobs from see-through shirts back when VIBE was an over-sized magazine with the paw prints is f*cking back in action:

"Left Interscope, free agent now. Went back in re-doing music. Trust me. Not letting this year pass wit out an ALBUM! Can't take the non-sense MUSIK. There will be an ALBUM. Trussst Mi!! tambourine and give it to you will be on the new album as bonus tracks!! RT @ZsoltPalffy: @TheRealEve I've read on wikipedia that the name of the album might be Flirt but previously was Here I am.What's the re @zsoltpalffy album is called LIP LOCK now....."

She's off Interscope, doesn't have Dr. Dre anymore for production and is trying to be added onto Swizz Beatz's "To Do" list. SMFH....now I thought long and hard about this. Yeah, she may have fallen off after that sex tape sh*t a few years back but Eve is gonna face the same problems Foxy Brown and Khia Lil Kim got, trying to be a "rap b*tch" in this "rap sh*t" filled with "rap dudes." Nah, the only one really getting a pass, COMMERCIALLY, is Nicki Minaj and she's even had to sell that a** and them boobs to have a fighting chance. (Peep that Rick Ross quote if you don't believe me.) Look, I'm sure Eve has some sh*t to say, but do we really want an album nowadays? This is what the music industry is gonna have to try and solve. How to let these rappers say sh*t without putting out an album, f*ck it, even if it means just doing an EP. And please, word to Fabolous, don't make us wait for mixtapes, that sh*t is wack too. And while y'all wait for Eve, just remember we're still waiting for Kim, Foxy, Missy, Rah Digga, Jean Grae and a whole bunch of others.

5. B*tches & Sisters

SMFH!!! Now I pride myself in being a grown man (chill y'all, everyone is grown once they hit '18,' don't get sh*t twisted now) and when I say I would do some of the nastiest porn Part 2 (3 mins) moves on Tahiry and Somaya Reece, I'm not bullsh*tting. So with that said, help me understand why Joe Budden's ex-girl had to play herself with a non-funny video clowning Reece and Budden"S"?

"B*tch, what did you think would happen," Tahiry asked in a video recording. "No, seriously. Five years in and he does it to me, do you really think that you're lending yourself by letting somebody put the battery in your back? I'm supposed to fight everybody -- wasn't you in LA somewhere with the white folks? And now you wanna come -- you didn't go at me, not that I care because I'm fine, I just love to see how it plays and this clown show. I just love to watch how the chips just fall as they should. So again, nothing against you, you should have known better girl. At this point, it is what it is."

Are you kidding me? See, just when homegirl was keeping sh*t grown and professional, she has her girl hold a camera, do some obvious giggles and bring the sh*t back down to grade school meets World Star Hip Hop with the little disses. Look, I read the transcript, so the f*ck what if Somaya dissed you or "tried" to diss you, your ex-boy does all the time and yet you don't say sh*t. "B*tch, what did you think........?" F*ck outta here Tahiry! You lost some points with me homegirl and it was so corny that most of the blogs didn't even post the sh*t. ThisIs50 co-sign or not, you should have been happy with that "Do You Think About Me" little a** cameo check but now you look like the girlfriend still hurting from Budden"S" and trying to play it off. SMFH....

***Yeah fools!!! D*mn, 2010 is rolling like a motherf*cker but your boy lives yet another week and as y'all have seen, I'm going innnnnnn on them Caption Disses, I'm out for the crown myself fools! LOL. I'm finally able to spend some more time in the COMMENTS SECTION but as a general rule of thumb, if y'all are still commenting on Pulse Report come Monday night/Tuesday morning, y'all need to hop off and prepare for Caption Diss b/c y'all stay mad late! Aight, bullsh*t rap politics continues to win but who knows what the future holds, a lot of big a** debut albums are coming our way: J. Cole and B.o.B. just to name a few. Til then, I'm dodging those RIAA 5-0, 5-0 watchers in these forums! LOL. -BB ***

BONUS: Hey Mama

I swore I wouldn't put this dude back into my Pulse Report posts but this sh*t got him a pass courtesy of his mom. Sh*t, y'all thought Keyshia Cole had some wild a** family members, Bow Wow Wow Wah Wah must have been meant for Twitter because he kills himself every week now. I mean, there were some things these past few weeks that could have got him a spot on here but it's his momma that got him a spot. LMFAO!!!

"@MsTCaldwell delete your account. or im deleting mine and my fans are going to be mad at you.," he wrote. "Making my mother deleter her twitter account. NOW!"

And of course, in response?

"Thanks to all @bowwow614 fans for following me too. Y'all are funny. Bow hates that I'm on Twitter so I try to send him any tweets :-)," she wrote yesterday (January 18). "Y'all @bowwow614 going to get me n trouble. The BOSS will b calling me this morning saying stay off Twitter mom. He's funny. Love u son @IHateIsis @bowwow614 he hates me on Twitter. Sons are different when it comes to their moms than daughters are. Daughters r cooler :-) @bowwow614 bow u should never try to stop a person from saying inspirational words. God want us to spread his words and help each other. @bowwow614 Bow ur wrong for that. Why would u delete ur Twitter acct bec I have 1? Pls don't ever compare me to another mom. God made us dif."

LMFAO!!!! Okay, dude is back on the BANNED LIST, thanks y'all! LMFAO!!!!!!

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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