News: Rick Ross Packs "Teflon Don" To Be Biggest Album Of His Career

Friday, Jan 29, 2010 10:50AM

Written by Rosario Harper

Rick Ross has confirmed recent speculation he will reunite with singer John Legend for a collaboration track from his upcoming album, Teflon Don.

In addition to speaking on Legend, the rapper also described his new album as being the biggest of his career thus far.

"It's a lot of Internet, a lot of online chatter going on -- a lot of talk of this new Rick Ross/ John Legend collaboration," Ross said. "I'm confirming it. It's official. We got another record. ... Ah man, I don't know how to describe this one. 'Magnificent' was one of my favorite records off Deeper Than Rap. But the new John Legend [collaboration] is most definitely next-level vibe. We back at it. It's most definitely creative. Shout-out to John Legend -- I think he makes a huge contribution to music. Myself, I try to get better and better with every rhyme I make -- every rhyme I bring to the table, I want to make sure it's more potent than the last. I'm setting this album, Teflon Don, to be the album of my career." (MTV)

Legend recently announced his reunion with Ross and revealed the track being tentatively titled "Sweet Life."

"Rick Ross & I have a new one on the way. Stay tuned for "Sweet Life". We're shooting the video next week. Fire!," he wrote this month on Twitter. "Just got to MIA. About to shoot the "sweet life" video w/ Rick Ross." (John Legend's Twitter)

Ross spoke on his upcoming album earlier this week.

"The new album, Teflon Don, I'm actually releasing a single in the next two to three weeks," Ross promised in an interview. "And along with the trailer from the movie, so, we just doing some big things. Shout-out to Ciroc, shout-out to Diddy. It took us over ten years to get to this position today to make music and as a matter of fact, strictly at our will. To me, that's what is the biggest accomplishment, being well, being able to do what I love, so that's what it's about, follow your dreams, follow your heart." (Distortion 2 Static)

The rapper recently announced ventures taking place under his Maybach Films production.

"What's up, you live on the set, 'Mafia Music 2' off the new album, Teflon Don," Ross said in a video. "Get ready for that, that's gonna be this summer. Movie as well, we're doing big things. This right here is a Maybach Films production -- we actually out here just making a movie. It's a real dope record...We finna change the game once again, stay tuned." (Exclusive Access)

Check out a Rick Ross interview down below:

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