News: Rick Ross & DJ Khaled Talk "Teflon Don" Album, "We Finna Change The Game Once Again" [Video]

Monday, Jan 25, 2010 4:05PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Def Jam's Rick Ross and DJ Khaled have spoken on the upcoming release of Ross' fourth solo project, Teflon Don.

The rapper said he is also anticipating the release of a movie with Birdman to drop around the same time.

"What's up, you live on the set, 'Mafia Music 2' off the new album, Teflon Don," Ross said in a video. "Get ready for that, that's gonna be this summer. Movie as well, we're doing big things. This right here is a Maybach Films production -- we actually out here just making a movie. It's a real dope record...We finna change the game once again, stay tuned." (Exclusive Access)

Khaled added that Ross' album will be worth the wait.

"Maybach Music, Def Jam, 'Mafia Music 2' video shoot, we at one of our mansions," Khaled said. "[We're] just doing it real big. You know Ross got the album, Teflon Don, coming. It's gonna be a problem, it's gonna be crazy. The album is sounding magnificent. It's some boss sh*t, it's some Teflon Don sh*t. Make sure you check out Ross on my album, Victory, March 2nd. That's real soon, it's gonna be a problem, you feel me?" (Exclusive Access)

Ross recently spoke with SOHH about predicting he would make the best records for 2010.

"Honestly, n*ggas can talk sh*t but it's hard to really make predictions other than lord willing we'll be still here, you know what I"m saying," Ross told SOHH. "N*ggas here, free, alive, other than that, we just gonna make the best music we gonna make. And I feel it's gonna compete with the best music that's being made right now." (SOHH)

Earlier this month, Khaled said he would be working with Ross for a music takeover in 2010.

"Yeah yeah yeah, DJ Khaled, the road to victory, the year of the victory, 2010, Happy New Year's to everybody," Khaled said in a video recording. "I just wanna send this vlog out to everybody to wish 'em a happy new year, let's get it everybody. Let's all win. Let's win more. All we do is win, you feel me? We the best is the brand, we the best is gonna be on everything. It's gonna be a movie, look out for my album, Victory, it's gonna be a problem. Look out for Ricky Ross, Teflon Don, movie. Shout-out to YoungMoney, Cash Money out there. You know what it is, you know what I do. Shout-out to my Def Jam team, Def Jam stand up. 2010, Def Jam takeover. I'm going in, it's the year of the victory. Let's get it, happy new year." (Derick G Vimeo)

Check out Rick Ross & DJ Khaled on the set of "Mafia Music 2" down below:

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