News: Raekwon Analyzes The 50 Cent & Jay-Z Dispute, "It's Just Competition W/ A Lot Of Ego Involved"

Tuesday, Jan 5, 2010 10:40AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon recently shared his thoughts on 50 Cent's beef with Jay-Z and explained why it was merely competition-based.

From the "Chef's" perspective, there is a strong distinction between beef and a typical rap dispute.

"That's their thing but it's like at the end of the day them brothers got a love-hate relationship," Rae explained in an interview. "They both respect each other's wills and each other's situations in life but I think it's just competition with a lot of ego involved with it. I really don't know maybe it's a personal one, maybe it's not. Maybe it's you fronting, he fronting or whatever and that's something that they got to go through. If it's good for the young cats to see it and look at it as a main event then hey, let it be. For me it ain't nothing because I'm sure ain't nobody trying to hurt nobody because real beef is beef. Beef is when you throw holes through a n*gga or you're at a n*gga's door and I know that they both not in search of that. You got two good brothers that probably just don't understand each other." (Hip Hop Wired)

Hov rap rival Jim Jones recently weighed in on the 50 and Jay conflict.

"Yeah, and he shouted me out on the beginning of The Blueprint 3, right? That was hot. How many albums he sold? I got a shout out, a million sold records, n*gga!," Jones said in an interview. "[laughs]. And you know I'm about to chop and screw that sh*t and make a hook out of it...Jay's a smart dude too, man. Sometimes I guess you respond to certain things that keep your a** in the game. We d*mn sure definitely playing in the same ball game when it come to that. But if I was 50--they got some money over there. If I was 50, I'd run down and snuff the sh*t out of him. That's what I would do. I would go get some fly-a** security, back his security down on some football sh*t, and just run down on him, snuff the sh*t out him. But I ain't got a hundred million and sh*t like that. So we couldn't pull that stunt. Now that's publicity." (Complex)

G-Unit associate 40 Glocc also discussed his loyalty to 50 in the midst of the Jay and Beanie Sigel beef.

"50 [Cent] is family to me, I've slept in this dude's house, he's taken me all across the globe," 40 explained in an interview. "It ain't about money; 50 doesn't owe me sh*t. Our relationship is above that. If he needs me, I'm going to be on the front line. I'm behind him 100 percent whether it's Rap beefs or real beefs. I have nothing but respect for him. When 50 makes moves regardless if it's an asset or not, we're going to stand behind him and trust his judgment. I support everything he does. Beans is dope. I've known Beans for a while, and as far as I'm concerned he's already family. I feel Beans, and you know Fif is competitive. He'll give Jay-Z a run for his money." (Hip Hop DX)

Late last year, 50 spoke on what would happen if he were to engage in a rap battle with Jay.

"Well, it would be great," 50 explained in an interview. "It would be great for hip-hop. It would probably be interesting, but I don't think one of us will survive it. I don't have a relationship with Jay-Z. We're just both a part of hip-hop culture. We're not friends. We don't call each other to talk at leisure." (MTV)

Check out a past Raekwon interview below:

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