News: Pharrell Hints At New Upcoming Venture, "It's Something We've Been Chiseling Away At For A Couple Of Years" [Video]

Sunday, Jan 24, 2010 12:35PM

Written by Rosario Harper

The Neptunes' Pharrell Williams has hinted at an upcoming business venture release with marketing company Cornerstone presidents Rob Stone and Jon Cohen.

In addition to the announcement, Pharrell also spoke on his non-stop work ethic.

"Basically [I have] no social life," Pharrel told Stone in an interview. "I feel like if you spend most of your time doing what you really love then maybe you can get something good done. And sometimes it's a struggle because I get so excited about things and I always have my team to remind me, 'Look, you don't really have any more room on your back for yet another venture...It's hard to describe [the project] and describe the challenges without saying what it is. It's just early but I can't wait for you guys to see it. It's something that we've been like sorta chiseling away at for like a couple of years now. And I don't know, I think we're looking at September maybe? Right around September, you'll go, 'Oh, that's what he was talking about.' And it'll be cool to kinda get your feedback, either online or see faces on the streets just to see you say, 'Hey I like it' or 'What are you thinking?' but those are the challenges." (Vimeo)

Earlier this month, Pharrell said his fanbase could expect new changes to come in 2010.

"Yo, Happy New Year's to everybody," he says, "it's 2010. Everything's about to change. So it's all about this year. So I just wanna thank you guys for supporting us for all these years. Here's looking at you guys. Yesssir." (YouTube)

He has also become involved with the upcoming 3-D movie cartoon, Despicable Me.

Singer, songwriter, producer Pharrell Williams will write original music for Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment's upcoming 3D CGI feature "Despicable Me" starring Steve Carrell,Jason Segel, Russell Brand, Danny McBridge, Julie Andrews and more. In addition to the film's title track, which debuted with the feature's teaser trailer, Williams has already begun to write the film's orchestral score as well. It marks the first time the artist will compose music for a film. (Eur Web News)

The producer/rapper recently released a statement confirming his participation.

"I love cartoons and animation, and I've never seen such incredible 3D CGI," Williams said in a statement. "To score 'Despicable Me' along with Hans and Heitor and write original songs for the film is a dream come true." (Press Release)

Check out Pharrell Williams' interview down below:

Pharrell Keynote at MIDEM 2010 from thecashmerethinker on Vimeo.

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