News: Nelly Tells Media To Let Tiger Woods Breathe, "Let Him Deal W/ His Relationship" [Video]

Friday, Jan 15, 2010 5:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rapper Nelly has offered his opinion on the recent controversy surrounding golf star Tiger Woods and his publicized marital problems.

From Nelly's perspective, the media and fans are invading Woods' privacy.

"I look at the Tiger Woods situation and everybody tells this guy what he should do to repair his relationship," Nelly said in an interview. "Well first of all, let's let him deal with his relationship and I think it would be better for him. You see what I'm saying? Now, I'm speaking politically. Now speaking from a male perspective, I don't see how all these old wimpy a** cats coming out talking about they lost so much respect for Tiger. Like, what the h*ll are you talking about? Are you for real right now? If I was Tiger Woods, I'd say, 'I'll tell you what, can't none of y'all whoop me on this golf course, and when I get back out here, I'm kicking everybody's a**...' I would say, 'I'm apologizing, I made my mistake, I'm apologizing to my wife and my family, I'm not apologizing to nobody else out here. I don't owe nobody else anything. This is my relationship, this is my life.' That's who he owes his apology, to his kids..." (Rolling Out)

50 Cent recently shared his reaction to learning about Woods' situation.

"He just picked the wrong girls I guess," Fif told radio personality Tim Westwood. "[Relationships,] that's wrong too. But he might have trust issues. So I mean, if you have trust issues and you see so many people there, like, you develop a comfort with that person. And even though you don't have a relationship with 'em, you still wanna be around a selective party. You can tell he was just never under those types of circumstances, because he didn't know better than to not do that. Like even the apology before we found out what was going on. He's like, 'This is obviously my fault,' before we can figure out what he did. [laughs]" (Tim Westwood TV)

New York rapper Maino released a Tiger Woods-based track called "Get 'Em Tiger" last month.

"I got women in the 'burbs, women in the hood," Maino raps. "Yeah my wifey mad 'cause she knows I'm no good/I'm just a dog, I'd be faithful if I could/But I'm Tiger Woods, yep, I'm Tiger Woods...I need help because I know I got a problem, every bad b*tch I come across, I think I want them/Look at how I roll when I see 'em/Then I'm on 'em, cup full of liquor, pocket full of condoms..." ("Get 'Em Tiger")

Despite playing on Woods' name, Maino later said he was merely using the golfer as a metaphor.

"You may think it's about Tiger Woods, but it's really not. It's more about me. ... I used Tiger Woods as a metaphor for me being a cheater. This is the anthem to all men who deal with a lot of women," said Maino, 36. "This is the anthem for us. When I first heard about the situation that Tiger Woods was going through, I said, 'Man, he's getting crucified for the stuff that I do...It couldn't wait - Tiger Woods is fresh in the news right now...It's not me coming to the defense of him. We all men. We all human. All I'm saying is I understand." (New York Daily News)

Check out Nelly speaking on Tiger Woods below:

Nelly Talks Cheaters, Side Chicks & Tiger Woods from The Fly Guy on Vimeo.

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