News: Lloyd Banks' Victim Details Beatdown, "After The First Punch, It Was Like 'Okay, He's Upset'"

Thursday, Jan 14, 2010 12:20AM

Written by BIz Jones

The alleged Lloyd Banks assault victim, Chris Hines, has given a first-hand account of what injuries he sustained from the G-Unit member's camp last weekend.

According to Hines, he felt he had no choice but to accept the physical assault.

"I've done parties where Jay-Z showed up, Mick Jagger, the Wayan Brothers," Hines said in an interview. "After the first punch, it was like, `Okay, he's upset, disrespecting me a little bit, but cool, I'm not going to be stupid.' I sat on my hands to show them like `Hey, I'm not trying to do anything crazy.' I knew if I fought back there was going to be no winning. When they hit me again, I fell on the floor. Then it really started to hit me, `What the F is going on?' I've never heard of anything like this happening. You can curse people, maybe you don't talk to them again, but for it to get physical - nobody was drinking and nobody was doing drugs. I think what really got this to escalate was peer pressure." (The Star)

Earlier this week, Hines said he had no idea what the attack was over.

"It was at -- Ontario, [I was just the booking agent,] correct," Hines said in an interview. "There's a little more to the story, like I said, I don't want to get in to it too much. But the most accurate story of all of them is on MTV which has got put up right now., that's the most accurate of all stories. But he was paid in advance. We got into a confrontation of course, they assaulted me and kept me there for a little while. It was probably like for 20 minutes, 30 minutes. They had me there for quite some time. But so far, the things I'm seeing online, the most accurate is on MTV. Like, I worked for the guys for years and I don't really know what the f*ck they were thinking, if they were watching a movie earlier I don't know what that's about. The whole incident that night had nothing to do with me and everybody knows that." (Hollywood Street King)

Banks was freed from immigration officials yesterday (January 13).

Lloyd Banks is on his way home to America after being held for allegedly assaulting and robbing a concert promoter in Canada over the weekend. According to his lawyer Patrick J. Ducharme, Banks had an immigration hearing early Wednesday morning (January 13) and was allowed to return to the U.S. On Tuesday, Banks posted $50,000 bond and the others posted a required $25,000 each. After the bail hearing, two of the men were allowed to return to the U.S., but Banks and one of his associates, Nicklas Sloane, were remanded into immigration custody for unspecified issues. (MTV)

Shortly after being released from jail on Tuesday, Banks was kept by immigration.

According to Olaf Heinzel, a spokesperson for the Kitchener (Ontario) Police, the two were held for unspecified immigration issues; a Canadian immigration spokesperson told MTV News that details about Banks' (real name: Christopher Lloyd) and Sloan's detention were not available at press time. A review is scheduled for later this week, after which the two could be released and allowed to return to the U.S. (Dime Wars)

Check out Chris Hines speaking on the incident down below:

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