News: Lil Wayne Gets Holy W/ T-Pain, Set To Voice Jesus Christ In Cartoon

Friday, Jan 1, 2010 10:45AM

Written by Biz Jones

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has reportedly linked with T-Pain to play the voice of Jesus Christ in an upcoming Cartoon Network special.

While details are still sketchy, the show is slated to debut in March.

Julia Beverly from Ozone Magazine recently wrote about T-Pain's Christmas Party that took place on December 23rd. She mentioned that "Some Cartoon Network/Adult Swim execs came through to display clips from Pain's upcoming cartoon special "Freaknik," which airs on March 21st. In it, Lil Wayne provides the voice for Jesus Christ and performs a music video for "Ghetto Commandments." Several other rappers are featured on the cartoon." (New Lil Wayne)

Adult Swim Creative Director Jake Escobedo previously spoke on the show's concept.

"Basically it was a Black Spring Break that went down in Atlanta and got shut down back in '98 or '99. So the show is going to resurrect that, and it's going to be starring T-Pain and Lil' Wayne and all these other artists like David Banner and some other dudes. it's all drawn, and T-Pain plays the ghost of Spring Break, the Spirit of Freaknik. He brings this party back to Atlanta and the artists have done all this music for it, and it's amazing." (Complex)

Aside from the program, Wayne recently performed a farewell concert for his New Orleans, Louisiana fans.

The artist returned to his hometown of New Orleans for a performance Monday on what he's calling his farewell tour. "I'm nothing without you," he told the screaming crowd of thousands of fans at the New Orleans Arena after opening the concert with "A Milli," which last year earned him a Grammy for best rap solo. (The Press Association)

New Orleans was reportedly one of multiple farewell concerts Wayne planned to perform.

Lil Wayne is closing in on an expected one year sentence due to weapons possession charges. Monday, the Grammy-winning rapper played what is being dubbed the first of several farewell shows in his hometown -- New Orleans. After New Orleans, he is scheduled to play a couple of dates in Texas and another show in southern Louisiana. (Singersroom)

Check out a past Lil Wayne video down below:

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