News: KING Magazine Announces New Editor-In-Chief

Wednesday, Jan 6, 2010 5:55PM

Written by Biz Jones

KING Magazine has announced its appointment of journalist Sean A. Malcolm as the publication's new Editor-In-Chief.

According to reports, the magazine will offer readers a new issue each quarter.

Along with the relaunch, the newly christened The Women of KING also returns with a new Editor-in-Chief, Sean A. Malcolm, a respected journalist and KING veteran. Set to be released four times a year by Harris Publications, the illest men's magazine ever will pick up where it left off delivering the most beautiful women in hip-hop, as well as the model and entertainment industries. (XXL Mag)

Last month's re-launch issue featured a variety of popular celebrities.

Supermodel Rosa Acosta graces the special edition of King magazine called the 'The women of king' with 82 Bangin' Beauties including Shakur Sozahdah, Bria Myles, StarFace, Marisa Elise, Sasha Del Valle, Briana Loyd. Greatest Stories Ever Told from Jay-Z, Diddy, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, Lil Wayne, T.I. and Rick James. (Show Hype)

King Magazine shut down its operations last March.

We don't often post rumors, despite the number of them that cross our desks daily (many of which end up being true). I felt like posting this one though. We just got word that KING Magazine (aka Butts and Rims) is closing shop, not even releasing it's next issue. In this strained economy, the already dying print format is suffering big time. It is upsetting to hear of people losing jobs, but can this be considered a victory for women (in particular black women) who struggle against objectification at every turn? I have to admit, I enjoy the images, but I know it can't really be good for raising the standards of our society. What do you think? (Okay Player)

The popular men's magazine is known for featuring a variety of urban entertainers and video vixens mixed with in-depth coverage of serious issues.

KING is a bimonthly magazine of pure adrenaline that brings you the best of everything that is your lifestyle. We hit you with sexy women, fast cars, sports, real money and mad music. We bring you gadgets and games the hottest styles to wear and take you to exotic places worthy of a KING's presence. (Magazine Agent)

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