News: Killer Mike On Controversial N-Bomb Usage, "I'm In Love W/ Black" [Video]

Monday, Jan 18, 2010 5:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Southern rapper Killer Mike recently took on the controversial N-word usage within hip-hop and explained his stance on the term.

From Mike's perspective, it is the 'tone' which dictates and defines the meaning.

"What I realized is that whether the word n*ggar, n*gger, n*ger, however you choose to say it, the love that's in it when my cousin Wookie says it to me, is he says 'I love you black,' and I'm not saying he's right to use it, I'm just saying there's a love and energy in his voice when he's using it," Mike said in an interview. "I use tone for a living, that's what I do. The tone in my voice enables me to be a big guy -- but when I hear the tone out of a supremist, I know that you hate me 'because' I'm black. But simply today, based on me looking it up in a latin dictionary, what was before me all those years in school, it simply means black. Now that doesn't make it right in the context it's been used and thrown on us, but it simply means black. And if it simply means black, I'm in love with black. I'm in love with black all day and if you hate black, then I gotta hate you. But if you love black, then I gotta open up and love you because I'm gonna defend black, I'm gonna live black..." (Vimeo)

In 2008, rapper Jim Jones began a short-lived N-Word campaign he shared with SOHH.

"Shouts to all my Obamas, the n*ggas is out the Obamas is in. The b*tches is out and the Michelles is in," Jones said referring to the United States president and his wife. "So if you're lady gets you mad you say, 'Michelle you betta get out of here before I slap the thunder out of you.' Nah, let me stop playing but that's how we doing it this year we tryna switch up the f*cked up language we been saying for the past few years. It's actually been catching on a little bit I was on the radio yesterday and I heard somebody saying that and I was like, 'Wow that's be a great thing if we could call each other Obama instead of n*gga." (SOHH)

During the filming of Mos Def's Next Day Air last year, reports claim the N-Word was banned from the set.

"It was something that was very important to us," actor Wood Harris explained. "It was our way of making a statement that we can express ourselves without using the N-word. But it wasn't just in the movie that we banned the word. We also banned it on the set. No one could say it at all. At first it was difficult, but we really stayed on top of each other. By the end of ... filming, I don't know if it was something that even came up. We just didn't say it, and had no desire to. I hope that other people will start trying to find new ways to express themselves as well." (Rolling Out)

CNN's Nore previously aired out blogger Perez Hilton for wanting to use the N-Word toward Black Eyed Peas'

"I respect gay people, I hate f*ggots. This guy is a f*ggot. And the difference is, a f*ggot is a person who hates everyone else who isn't gay. A gay person is a person who is just happy to be gay. So when he has the audacity to admit that he wants to use the n-word, it was just like the most disrespectful thing in the world. Because even for him thinking like that, thinking to say that, he shouldn't have even admitted to that. At the end of the day man, this sh*t needs to be addressed." (Vlad TV)

Check out Killer Mike speaking on N-Word usage below:

Killer Mike and Dr. Cornel West Speak on the N-Word from on Vimeo.

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