News: Joell Ortiz On Benzino's Slaughterhouse Taunts, "I Don't Have A Problem W/ Anyone" [Audio]

Sunday, Jan 17, 2010 10:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Slaughterhouse's Joell Ortiz has addressed recent remarks and taunts by rap veteran Benzino by saying he does not feel threatened to embark on the confrontation.

From Ortiz's perspective, Zino is rightfully entitled to have his own opinion.

"Ah, no comment," Joell initially said about Zino's actions as of late. "Everybody is entitled to their opinion. So you know, that's homeboy's opinion. That's all I can say. Leave it right there. I can't speak on it 'if' someone mentions my name. Everything just [gets] handled according but as of right now, everybody is entitled to their opinion and that's his opinion of the group...I don't have a problem with anyone. That's one thing I take pride in, I don't [get] involved in beef, I don't have any beef. My beef is with poverty, you feel me?" ("On-Air Idiot Show")

A few days ago, Zino dropped his "Slaughterhouse Killaz" diss track going at Joell's camp.

"First of all, I've never been a stranger to the drama," Zino raps, "I don't mean to disrespect but I got an appetite for pork/Listen, yep, clicking in the ammunition big clips while you were blind, Tahiry and Somaya were sucking big d*ck/My whole city clap -- Joe [Budden] I know what really happened in the dressing room with Mickey Factz..." ("Slaughterhouse Killaz")

Earlier this month, the rap vet hinted at tagging along sidekicks to help in the onslaught called Pop and Streets.

"I just feel like the music that I'm doing and the people that I'm around working with are better than [Slaughterhouse]," he said in an interview. "What I'mma do now, I put together this group to specifically go at them. It's gonna be a cat from DC by the name of Pop, this other kid from Brooklyn by the name of Streets, and I got a surprise for the last one. [I got them together] just to go at these guys, but more or less to show the Internet world ... and these cats are real street cats. They not underground, the backpackers, they real street cats. I wanna show the underground world that real street cats can still get it in...It's a situation where I had to get some high guns to come on in -- lyrical monsters who really go at dudes like [Slaughterhouse]. I've noticed battle rapping, song making, freestyling -- these are all different things right here. I run across artists who are all different. I had to get some specialists that have been riding with Zino, like look at me as an OG and willing to ride." (Baller Status)

Crooked I recently explained why he felt Zino was after his crew.

With Benzino, he kind of was baiting us for a minute, trying to get us to respond to some of the things he was saying and some of the things he said in his raps. Speaking for me, maybe I should have just continued to ignore the dude. It seemed fake. It seemed like he was just trying to get something that we have at Slaughterhouse. We have a cool Internet presence. Some of these older rappers, they don't understand that they can have an Internet presence, too, if they put out quality stuff, leak it and build relationships with different sites. You could build up your own." (Hip Hop DX)

Listen to Joell Ortiz address the Benzino situation below:

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