News: Jadakiss Promises To Eliminate Album Delays, "It'll Never Be That Long Again" [Video]

Monday, Jan 11, 2010 1:30PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Ruff Ryders' Jadakiss recently spoke on the five-year delay behind his latest album, The Last Kiss, and promised to never keep fans waiting that long for his music again.

According to Jada, he is still on Roc-A-Fella Records.

"I'm on Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam and I had made a transition, so that took a little while for me to work things out with Jimmy [Iovine] and Ruff Ryders," Jada said in an interview. "I had a case too, a gun charge that I was fighting for a year. So that was the two timely discrepancies between this new album and the last one. It'll never be that long again." (The Round Table Show)

Debuting atop all urban releases last spring, Kiss opened within Nielsen Soundscan's Top 5.

The Lox's Jadakiss leads this week's urban artists as The Last Kiss debuts at No. 3. According to Nielsen Soundscan, the rapper's Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella debut sold 134,900 copies after seven days in stores. (Sales Wrap)

Following the release, Kiss shared his reaction to selling over 100,00 copies in his first week.

"I ain't know what to expect now with the way the game is," Kiss said in an interview. "But I know I got a core fanbase. I don't think Def Jam expected that, so now we gotta get on the same page. I will say that's a great number for the climate and the way the music industry is right now and that's without a big hit at radio...I got longevity, that's why I got legs...It's always good when you can say I told you so. It's always good when you get the last laugh. But I'm just happy to be embraced after all these years, 'cause hip-hop fans' ears change hourly. I'ma be here for a while." (XXL Mag)

Aside from his own records, Jada is also prepping his Lox group project.

"Our main focus right now is that Lox album," Jada stressed in an interview. "It might be coming out through Diddy, it might be coming out through some other people, but it's going down. Yeah, Diddy just did a new deal with Interscope as y'all know with his Dirty Money and all his other stuff, he put an offer out there for a one album deal over there, so you know, we thinking about making it. If it don't make dollars, it could make cents and we'll do it again. It's about the evolution, it's about growing. We came into the business with him, despite our differences [because] of our lack of knowledge in the game and other sh*t and what so, we still learned a lot from him and to work all them things out and make a full 360 and possibly work again with him after ten years -- that would be incredible. It shows maturity as artists, it shows respect as men and it's good for the outside far as what he can do for us and what we can do for him." (Power 99)

Check out Jadakiss' interview down below:

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