News: J. Cole Seeks "Perfection" W/ Roc Nation Debut, "[Gotta] Make Sure That It's Classic" [Video]

Monday, Jan 18, 2010 5:15PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Roc Nation's J. Cole has blamed his debut album delay on the pressure of putting out a solo project worthy of being considered a notable "classic."

According to Cole, he is also considering using The Neptunes' Pharrell on the debut.

"The plan, finish up this album, make sure that it's classic," Cole said in an interview, "make sure that it's perfect, at least to my eyes and my standards. I got high standards, put it out, hope that it's received well, hopefully [it'll] have some hits and then some more hits and tour the world man, really America. I wanna do a college tour -- production-wise, it's just me and No I.D. and a guy named Science. We've done a couple joints together. But other than that, I'm just trying to [focus] into my production but I'm open to anything man, so, I don't care who it is. Even Pharrell, when we were on tour, Pharrell kept telling me he wanted to get it and I would love to do that." ("Los Angeles Leakers")

Producer No I.D. recently confirmed putting in studio time with Cole.

"I am working with J. Cole and we are pretty deep into his album, which is turning out great, also working with Drake, Jazmine Sullivan," I.D. said in an interview. "Kanye and I are executive producing Common's next album and then I want some new and unexpected things." (Hip Hop DX)

Last November, Cole said his album was more than halfway completed.

"If you would have asked me two weeks ago [about the status], I would have told you I was 30 percent, man, [now it's] 70," Cole revealed in an interview. "Like 75, like, this is how many songs, I hit a little streak and now I got some stuff that's impressing me. Like, 'Man, did I just do this song?' I got in with [producer] No I.D. and now, you gotta understand, I've been doing music, myself, my own beats, since I was making my own songs, so it's hard to allow somebody to come in but now the way that we make music, it isn't just 'Oh yeah, I got this beat for you, rap on this beat,' he's in there, I'm in there, there's a guitar player, key player, it feels like you're making an album." (KUBE 93)

Cole previously remained mum about the project when asked about its status last September.

"I'm working on my album," he revealed in an interview. "Feels like I've been working on it for years, but now I'm officially in the studio working on it, like hashing sh*t out. I'll just say, [I'm featured]. If I mention anyone, people are gonna be expecting some sh*t, so I'll just say, me. There will definitely be another project that will drop before my album. I tried to be stubborn and say I already gave them 22 songs, but nah, that's just the way game works. You gotta stay relevant some way...I say [it'll drop] spring 2010. I think the label is thinking early summer, but I'm thinking spring." (Complex)

Check out J. Cole speaking on the debut down below:

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