News: Game's "R.E.D. Album" Pushed Back, "Gotta Finish My Community Service Before I Can Travel"

Monday, Jan 11, 2010 10:35AM

Written by Rosario Harper

West Coast rapper Game has announced that his forthcoming R.E.D. Album has been pushed back once again due to legal obligations.

Writing through his popular Twitter page, the rapper said his required community service has forced the change.

"BAD NEWS: This just in.. The R.E.D. Album just got pushed back again to MARCH 23RD !!! gotta finish my community service before I can travel," he wrote over the weekend. "The judge told my lawyer & my P.O. I can't travel or do any out of state promo until I finish my community service... aint that a b*tch ! Good news: I'll be done with my community service in just 200 more hours ha ha ha i wonder if spending 10 hours a day on twitter counts towards my "community service" ??? then I'd be finished by Jan. 29th ha ha & I was "INNOCENT" anyway !!! I aint pull no gun out on nobody........ STOP SNITCHIN !!! #imtiredof cleanin up on the side of the freeway anyway !" (Game's Twitter)

In addition to guest features, details on the album's songs were released earlier this month.

Pharrell Williams isn't the only mixmaster contributing beats to "R.E.D." Cool and Dre, DJ Khalil and Dr. Dre all lend their production efforts, while Beanie Sigel, Rick Ross, Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke make guest appearances. Songs on the album include "It Must Be Me," which finds Game bragging about the luxuries of his life over an "N.W.A. mixed with an eclectic beat"; "Pussy Fight," featuring Lil Wayne protege Nicki Minaj ("When you hear her on it, you'll understand why she was perfect for it"); and "Lost," which "describes the relationship between my father and I and my sister in depth like I've never done before." (Billboard Biz)

Last week, Game said he wanted to collaborate with pop singer Lady Gaga.

"I'm trying to get [Interscope co-founder and chairman] Jimmy Iovine to throw me in the studio with Lady Gaga," he explained in an interview. "She's a rebel, and I go against the grain every day, so, if it happens, it'll be monumental for the state of music...Dre and I have always been on the same team, I've just been too wild for him at times. He's older and legendary and he's been through enough drama in his career and doesn't have to jump into my drama. So, I understood that and why he pulled back." (ABC News)

The rapper recently talked about working with pop singer Justin Timberlake for the solo project.

"Yeah, Justin Timberlake came through last night," Game revealed in an interview. "It just, the vibe changed. It went to where I could see Grammy awards. I had a really dope energy from him just being in the booth last night. Pharrell didn't call him, I don't know how he fell through but he fell through man. Two JT's in the studio at the same time and the PW, it's gonna be classic. Justin Timberlake is big sh*t man. Everybody listens to Justin Timberlake -- from little white girls from Malibu to chicks in the hood. The songs he comes out with to the features on Timbaland's album, and working with Pharrell in the past and all the way back to my little sister loving her N Sync CDs." (Rap-Up)

Check out a recent Game interview down below:

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