Pulse Report: Game Can't "Knoc" The Truth, Tony Yayo Guns Down Rick Ross & Diddy, Benzino Snags Tahiry

Friday, Jan 29, 2010 11:55PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, we're bringing that a** all the way back seven days to check out Game catching feelings over Knoc-Turn'al, find out how Tony Yayo reacts to Diddy and Rick Ross rolling notoriously, get the inside scoop on Benzino & Tahiry and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. You Can't Handle The Truth

LMFAO!!! Come the f*ck on, are y'all kidding me? There's no way I can be reading all these rants and b*tching and moaning from the past week and come to find out it's mark a** Knoc-Turn'al coming up outta nowhere and giving that 4-1-5 4-1-1 on what really went down with Game and 5-0 Cent and Dr. Dre and Interscope, etc. etc. F*ck outta here! And on top of all that, looks like Game fed into the bullsh*t opinions and went off. Well, let's start at square one, courtesy of AllMusic.com

After penning several songs for Dr. Dre, Knoc-Turn'al traded the pen for the microphone. As with most of the artists who begin their career with Dre, Knoc began his performing career in grand fashion: first came "Bad Intentions," a Dre collaboration featured on the Wash soundtrack, and next came "The Knoc," another hit song, again featuring Dre but this time with Missy Elliott on the hook. These two songs put Knoc on the map in a big way. Instant comparisons were drawn to Snoop Dogg, who had also debuted alongside Dre. However, unlike Snoop, Knoc is a songwriter as much as a rapper. In addition to songs for Dre, Knoc wrote songs for Dre's artists, including Truth Hurts and Shaunta.

Truth who? Shaun-huh? Y'all got that in your heads? If not, maybe this will help spark some memories into who we're focused on right now:


SMFH....aight, now here comes the hilarious sh*t.

"Game is from Compton, we know that, okay," Knoc told radio personality EI8HT. "Game was about to get dropped from Aftermath. You hear me? And Aftermath was about to drop him, Interscope was about to drop him and 50 Cent picked him up and put hooks. The only reason why he was about to get dropped from Aftermath is because he couldn't make no hooks for his own music. So 50 Cent picked him up, you hear me? I hope you hear me. [He] made some hooks, 50 Cent made some hooks for him and put him out and sold five million records. What's wrong with that?"

LOL!!! Aight, I won't lie, I thought @sohhdotcom was f*cking late with this but then when I saw the sh*t about Game not writing his own hooks, I said d*mn. This is a f*cking good twist. SMFH....so turns out Game was a good emcee but just couldn't come up with catchy sh*t when Dre had him which kinda makes sense when you think about dude doing that Scott Storch 'Strip Club' record on Doctor's Advocate "....we be up in the strip clubbbbbb..." LOL. F*ck outta here jacking 5-0's sh*t! Well, turns out Game must f*ck around with Street Discplez Radio and decided to call dude out.

"4 days ago, knocturnal was hittin me on here, sayin how much he a fan & can we work, now he on da radio talkin sideways cuz I said NO! ha ha see u when I see u #b*tch*ssn*gga ! u had half a hit, u only sold 3 copies & now u a crackhead ! get some help n*gga or go OD somewhere f*g @ihategame http://twitter.com/KnocturnalLBC/status/7887268600 this was lil homie reachin out, now he dissin ha ha... somebody help blood out now put a DISS out so I can put yo *ss 2 sleep n*gga ! R.E.D. P.S. ah give you a quarter piece if you come wash my Bentley & Range up smoker you such a h*e I might let my lil sister @bphlii give u a lethal 16 ! she killin most da n*ggas out here in anyway. call #1800-get-some-fans R.I.P. C*ck-turnal ! music career (born) 6-14-99 (died) TODAY !"

D*mn, what happened to all that "peace, no more beef, I apol-o-gize...." bullsh*t a few months back? SMFH...gotta love Game though, he'll say whatever the f*ck is on his mind, kinda like @BulldogButterworth. But unlike the big homie Butters, I don't apologize for sh*t....


2. Player Hater

SMFH...look, y'all voiced your thoughts EXACTLY how I expected y'all to when I brought up the Rick Ross x Biggie Smalls sh*t. SMFH. Like Jay-Z said, I'mma just give y'all fools half a bar, "re-read the sh*t before you make a dumb a** comment"........and with that said, let's move on to Tony Yayo. Now while I do understand dude was doing an interview with his homie DJ Whoo Kid, the extent that this guy went into about Rick Ross and Diddy was just f*cking stuuuupid. SMH....actions speak louder than words, so peep the video and transcribing courtesy of Bulldog.

"I wish we was there. N***a Diddy couldn't have stopped us. He would have got poked up, that whole sh*t would have got shot up. Diddy said this guy is hot? He's bugging. Diddy's bugging. Diddy was on some Ciroc. He's a cop. When I was doing a bid, I'm like, this is the n***a that was coming to get me out the cell. He was a C.O. and the hip-hop game is allowing him to rap so let him rap. N***a was police, I don't care if he said it now, later, but hip-hop, they rocking with him."

Rick RossTony Yayo

LMFAO. Once again, let me please remind any and all rappers who find themselves getting asked that "What do yooouuuu think about (dude A) and (dude B)???" Either take that Joell Ortiz approach saying it's homie's opinion or else:

And while Yayo scratches his fitted gear trying to understand why Ross is still being "accepted," here's a few dudes already giving him his props. Not co-signing Ross' sh*t all the way, but pay homage fools.

"Ross is my partner. He's already great to me. He's got the mind and the talent to do what he wants as far as rap goes. He can rap his a** off. He's going to constantly make hits." -Baby
"If [Ross'] album doesn't get nominated for rap album of theyear or album of the year, all this sh*t is rigged up," he said. "Rick Ross should be heralded this year for the quality of music he's put out, no lie." -Killer Mike

And just on some sidenote sh*t in celebration of the Grammys rolling through, make no doubt, TOP 5 ALBUMS OF 2009, hands down and according to Butters?

1. Relapse. 2. Before I Self Destruct The Blueprint III 3. Slaughterhouse 4. Man On The Moon 5. Deeper Than Rap

3. Never Never Neverland

Well, if my calculations are correct, Detox should be dropping a RELEASE DATE sometime around the time Miley Cyrus decides to sign off on a Playboy Magazine photo spread well into her late 30's and Avatar 5 is being approved for production. SMFH....yeah fools, looks like we keep getting fed more and more bullsh*t and it's not even from me these days. LOL!!! Let's go to possibly the worst-ever collaboration hip-hop could experience from Dr. Dre....

"Yeah, he gonna drop it, I mean, he's just, he's a perfectionist," Warren promised in an interview. "So when he feels right, that's when he's gonna let it go but I think he's close because when he starts working with Snoop [Dogg], that's when I know he's getting down to the wire. Me and him are supposed to do a record on there, he said as soon as he finds the right record, with the right melody, we'll do it. So you know, I'm gonna be waiting so if I'm on Detox this time, cool. If not, I think it'll be something that the world would love to see because it's never been done, the publicity on it will be huge it's like 'Warren G and Dr. Dre doing a song? That's crazy.'"

SMFH...after seeing that, I just gave up. Dre getting some sh*t done with Warren? STFU!!! No disrespect to a true rap legend, but I'd rather hear Bill Cosby's rap group drop a Bow Wow diss record before I bothered to even accept a free download of that sh*t.

LOL. We're talking about Dre, a dude who is already showing more and more signs of turning his back on 5-0 Cent these days. Homie ain't trying to f*ck with the "OG" sound, he's on that next level/episode sh*t. And to explain to y'all once again why this album won't be seeing the light of day:

"Once that sound is right, once that mix is right, it's a feeling that you get, here -- It's unexplainable," Dre said about putting together his records. "I have to go out to clubs now...You need to understand what people are listening to. I'm working hard on it. I'm stopping to work on other artists in-between, but the minute it's done and I feel it right here. I don't think I've done that [perfect] record yet. I'll know what it is when it comes; I know exactly what it is in my head, but I haven't done it yet. It's close...I got some sh*t coming, believe me."

When he finds the perfect sound? SMH.... Just for bullsh*t purposes, I even went and did some Wikipedia searching on Dre's "upcoming" album and y'all won't believe everything I came across:

Detox is the upcoming third studio album by rapper and record producer Dr. Dre. It was originally due for a 2004 release, but was not completed because Dr. Dre wanted to concentrate on producing for artists that were on his Aftermath Entertainment record label, the album is slated for a 2011 release. Dr. Dre has stated that this will be his final album. On September 9, 2007, before presenting the award for Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards, Dr. Dre stated that Detox will be released.[10][11] Dre later revealed to Hillary Crosley of Billboard magazine that Detox would be his final album.[12] In February 2008, Bishop Lamont also announced a second "Up in Smoke Tour" to begin shortly after the album.

LOL!!! Yo, my fault about all those citations but it's just bullsh*t after bullsh*t after bullsh*t, doggies. Well, in all honesty, maybe some of it happens to be "true intentions," but f*ck outta here, Dre. If y'all wanna know what I think, split the profits 50/50 and let Jay-Z just complete the sh*t for you. But who knows, maybe I'll be wrong one day, the album comes out, y'all go crazy for it, it sells 10,000,000 copies in just six months, the Up In Smoke Tour 2 begins......and then y'all wake up.

4. I F*cked Your B*tch

Now y'all don't get this twisted b/c it's something "big" and came outta pure luck. I know some of y'all catch feelings about wanting Pulse Report to have exclusive content and even though I try to remind y'all I'm only getting paid and instructed to cover the "biggest" sh*t that happened over the week, I got @sohhdotcom to toss me a bone. Turns out their writer @CyrusKLanghorne did a little interview with Benzino for the site and even though that fool got banned a minute ago, turns out I get to break the news about what he has in store for Joe Budden's ex Gloria Velez, Somaya Reece, Minnie Mouse, Tahiry:

"You know I got my battle going on with Slaughterhouse. Which by the way we got the exclusive interview with Tahiry in this issue and she's definitely going in on him. You know, I just had to put that out there. It's funny because we asked to cover Tahiry a while ago and Joe Budden said 'Nah, she's only doing KING Magazine' and then KING Magazine fell and I know they came back or whatever but you know what I'm saying, everybody thought when Source fell, everybody thought me and Dave was finished, but I'm just building my empire again."

Sh*t, SOHH does this mean I should stop bad mouthing dude? LOL. F*ck outta here, i won't diss him but I won't give props either, we're gonna have to wait and see "WHAT" exactly Tahiry is talking about and see if she's really going "in" on Budden"S", but f*ck copping an issue, somebody spot me a PDF file! LOL

5. Gangsta B*tch Tribute

D*mn y'all, Apache dead? WTF!? See, y'all might be a little too young to remember those 19-Naughty-Three years but f*ck, I still remember being in the lunch room shouting out, "I need a GANGSTA B*tch!!!" and ending up getting some bogus a** 30 minute detention at the end of school. With that being said, pay homage to one of the dudes that inspired this rap sh*t, for either good and/or bad.

Apache's debut album Apache Ain't Sh*t was released in 1991 and peaked at #66 on the Billboard 200 and #15 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Also featured on the album was the hit single "Gangsta B*tch" which went to #67 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #11 on the Hot Rap Singles. Apache also released a single "Do Fa Self" in 1993 but he has yet to release another album or single.

Now with that being said, let's keep my man's memory alive with some of the top gangsta b*tches and dudes to rep this rap sh*t.

Kanye West & Amber RoseJay-Z & Beyonce

Tahiry & FabolousJoe Budden & Tahiry

Nas & KelisRihanna & Drake

Scott Storch & Lil KimLil Wayne & Nivea

T.I. And Tiny50 Cent & Vivica Fox


***Yeah fools, I can't front, I'm hot fools, I'm hot!!! LOL. Nah, let me stop before @QueensNYC gets going on his F*ck Butterworth rants. SMH....you're still trying to bounce off that f*cked up Caption Diss first comment. Matter of fact, NO COMMENT. But to the rest of my crew and even all y'all f*cking with PULSE REPORT and CAPTION DISS on that mobile iPhone/BlackBerry (and we see y'all on the SideKicks!) sh*t, I couldn't keep doing it without y'all. Some call it "horrible" and "the worst" while others see it as "F*ck Butterworth!" but the fact that y'all are feeling "something" from the Pulse Report means I'm doing my job and getting y'all to f*ck around and just do some old fashioned rap bullsh*t talk. Y'all got me for 72 hours in the comments section, go innnnnnnnnnnn!!! --Bulldog Butterworth***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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