News: Game & Jim Jones Prep East/West B-Ball Tournament, "The Loser Gotta Wear A G-Unit Headband"

Saturday, Jan 9, 2010 6:39PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Black Wall Street leader Game and Dipset's Jim Jones have announced plans to link up for a summer basketball tournament.

Speaking via Twitter, Jones also reached out to interested sponsors.

"Calln all sponsors dnt mis bein part of east west ballers tourny we need sneaks jerseys n sum finance 2 make ths a free event @ihategame," he wrote Saturday (January 9). "@ihategame u talkin greazy this is gonna be good I u got tht if I didn't rap I would been in the NBA desease I got the cure for tht swish RT @ihategame: @jimjonescapo naw, the loser gotta wear a 'G-Unit headband" for a month straight ha ha ha...RT @ihategame: #itsoverwhen thinks his team can C mine #youwerecooluntil u called me a FAKE KOBE. #nowplaying BALLIN by Jim Jones. get ready." (Jim Jones' Twitter)

Game upped the ante by offering out consequences to the losing team.

"RT @jimjonescapo: @ihategame we got a byrd gang team whts up I fly them to the west for this east west ballers game best out of 3 and we ...," he wrote. "@jimjonescapo Capo, you already know how I DO. I had 40 at "THE RUCKER" won the championship & almost knocked ya man Rafer Alston out !! @questlove Aye Quest, I know u ball too. n*gga, you was like 10 feet tall on NBA 2K9 (not including) the fro ha ha ha @jimjonescapo called me a "FAKE KOBE" ha ha.. ole' "SHANNON BROWN" when he had braids lookin ass n*gga ha ha.. send that song so I can blast..@jimjonescapo naw, the loser gotta wear a 'G-Unit headband" for a month straight ha ha ha...@jimjonescapo THIS SUMMER !!! it's on & poppin. LA vs NY @ Venice Beach...... once we get the sponsors & lock the date, start runnin !" (Game's Twitter)

The Roots' Questlove took notice of the tournament and playfully refused to take part.

"@jimjonescapo @ihategame "ballllllin" for real.," he added. "@ihategame lol nah bruh. you aint about to set me up for a "bow wow" lol. you and jones finna enter wizzards territory w/ this bet." (Questlove's Twitter)

Aside from sports, Game has also been promoting his upcoming R.E.D. Album.

"I'm trying to get [Interscope co-founder and chairman] Jimmy Iovine to throw me in the studio with Lady Gaga," he explained in an interview. "She's a rebel, and I go against the grain every day, so, if it happens, it'll be monumental for the state of music...Dre and I have always been on the same team, I've just been too wild for him at times. He's older and legendary and he's been through enough drama in his career and doesn't have to jump into my drama. So, I understood that and why he pulled back." (ABC News)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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