News: Game Threatens LA Radio, "If I Hear ['Empire State Of Mind'] 1 More Time, I'm Startin A Full Fledge Protest"

Thursday, Jan 28, 2010 5:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Game has publicly questioned why Jay-Z's New York anthem "Empire State of Mind" is in heavy rotation on Los Angeles radio.

From Game's perspective, Hov's hit gets more radio play outside of New York.

"How come Power 106 plays 'Empire State Of Mind' more than New York ?," Game asked via Twitter. "If I hear it 1 more time b4 I get home, I'm startin a full fledge protest (picket signs) & Im gettin dem women dat R against abortion 2 help They go HARD !!! & when I was in NEW YORK, aint hear "Empire State Of Mind" once... they only played ATL sh!t......... #whatsgoinon ?" (Game's Twitter)

New York Hot 97 radio personality DJ Enuff recently contemplated playing rapper Jay Electronica's "Exhibit C" during his on-air shifts.

"I'm listening to Jay Electronica's latest tune Exhibit C Produced by Just Blaze," he wrote Sunday (December 27). "It is so good. I think it's lyrical and the production is solid. Reminds me of some early Nas stuff,Then I ask my self : Why is it not spinning on the radio? At least during my time slot? Is it because there's no dance tied to it? Is it because it's not yet on BET's Top Ten Countdown? Does it have to be a Club Banger? The radio isn't a club. So why not Good solid Hip Hop? I have it on my website. I battle myself all the time when it comes to the radio. The job I love so much. I could make it the Heavy Hitter Pick of the week with no problem. Then what? I need HELP with this one. Any Suggestions Re: Real Hip Hop is Fading." (Thats Enuff)

New York's DJ Kay Slay recently accused record labels of gearing more toward Southern artists.

"Papoose would do better on an independent right now because majors are really geared towards Southern artists or high profile artists that's been known for selling records. They don't wanna gamble too much with no new artists." (XXL Mag)

Rapper Saigon has also pointed out differences between Southern artists and his fellow New York emcees.

"All of us got caught up in the emergence of the South movement," Sai said about the delay of New York rap newcomers. "All of us came on the scene when the South was really makin' their move to take over. The record companies was like 'F*ck the New York n*ggas, the South sh*t is where it's at.'...All labels look at are radio spins really. If you can get a record up to 400, 500 spins on your own, they gonna come give you a record deal right away. They don't even have to listen to the song, they just need to see how many spins you got." (Q The Question)

Check out footage of Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" below:

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