News: Fabolous Hypes DJ Drama Mixtape, "[It] Will Be The Baby Jesus Of Mixtapes"

Monday, Jan 4, 2010 2:10PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Grammy-nominated rapper Fabolous has asked his fans to be patient with the release of his upcoming There Is No Competition 2 mixtape with DJ Drama.

In addition to pleading with fans, Fab also hyped the long-awaited effort's quality.

"It took God 6 days 2 create the heavens & the Earth.. Took 300 million yrs 2 make the Grand Canyon..," he wrote Monday (January 4). "Takes 9 months 2 birth a baby, but u get a bundle of joy.. So hav patience 4 the mixtape. #TiNc2 will b the baby jesus of mixtapes!" (Fabolous' Twitter)

In late December, Fab said the mixtape would be released this month.

"Sorry my twiggas spoke 2 Dj Drama.. Last minute he had 2 go away 4 the holidays so we couldn't finish the mixtape. But...," he wrote on Christmas via Twitter, "We will now drop it Top of January & now u can start 2010 off right wit Loso! "There is No Competition 2 - The Funeral Service Jan. 2010." (Fabolous' Twitter)

Fab recently spoke on working toward his next album along with the forthcoming DJ Drama mixtape.

"I'm looking to come next summer," Fab said of the album's release date. "I like summer releases. It's good timing. People are out, a lot of people need good music to ride to. I'm looking towards June or July again and come with Loso's Way 2." As of now, the roll-out for the original Loso's Way is still underway. Fab wants to release viral visuals for "Lullaby," "Last Time" and "Makin' Love," while a clip "I'mma Do It" hit the 'net a few weeks ago. Look for Fab to keep heating up cyberspace with a new mixtape on December 25, hosted by DJ Drama. (MTV)

The rapper previously said he felt the mixtape game initially seemed to be dying out.

"The Drake mixtape of course was a huge success," Fab explained in an interview. "Lil Wayne's tape generated a lot of interest. I saw Wayne and just listening to his tape gave me kinda the feeling that people still accepted the mixtapes and wanted to hear it. I guess it's particular artists that they attach to but I had felt even with the most high-class artists, people were getting so used to getting free music that the mixtape game wasn't that influential anymore. So when I seen what [Wayne's] No Ceilings did, it let me see that there's still definitely potential there, there's still that market there. I think for me it's definitely there because my albums tend to be a little more mainstream than my mixtapes." (Real Talk NY)

Check out Fabolous speaking on mixtapes below:

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