News: Fabolous Breaks Down Sly "Loso's Way" Lines, "Don't Think People Caught The 'Carlito's Way' References"

Monday, Jan 18, 2010 10:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Fabolous has decided revisit his 2009 album, Loso's Way, and break down the references to the movie Carlito's Way.

Writing via Twitter, Loso detailed what lines he felt may have gone unnoticed.

"Don't think people caught the Carlito's Way references on Loso's Way either.. I'll point a few out..," he wrote Sunday (January 17). "When his nephew neck got slit, Carlito says u said they were friends.."Aint no friends in this sh*t business #TheWay-Intro Carlito's case been thrown out & released from prison.. "On the courthouse steps after they throw it out" #FeelLikeImBack Carlito's girl tells him "I know how this dream ends".. "phone call from one of your close friends" - #LastTime Carlito voice while dying.. "The Escape to Paradise didn't end like this I swear"..."Sorry baby girl, tried the best I could" - #LastTime @RobJamMor "feeling just like jfk" (john f kennedy)..<--money on my head, but I'm ridin n a drop.. "Let em fly like jfk" (airport) I'm answering lyrical questions 2day.. Lol.. Help yall see I'm #niceeeeeee lmao Carlito's right hand man Pachanga ended up gettin him killed. Friend turn enemy = #Pachanga pa pa #Pachanga!' (Fabolous' Twitter)

The album has earned Fab his first Grammy nomination courtesy of his Jay-Z collaboration, "When The Money Goes."

"I think, I'm not a 100 percent sure," Fab said about his Grammy nomination. "If I did get nominated before, I didn't win. This might be my first, I'm not sure. I was waking up this morning leaving Atlanta [when I found out]. I got the news and people were congratulating me before I knew. I was like, 'Oh wow, okay.' Somebody had hit me yesterday like, 'Yo, you didn't get nominated for a Grammy,' like they were pissed off. And I was like, 'Yo it's okay. It's motivation for me to work harder next year.' And then I woke up and I did have a nomination so it's really how it worked out. Somebody on the Grammy board liked the song and even seen the video, we shot a video for it, kinda like a viral thing, the Internet is so big now you can shoot a video...I thought it'd be for 'Throw It In The Bag' or the joint with Keri Hilson, but I'll take it how it comes you know. A nomination is a nomination and I'm always appreciative for everything I get, whether I win or not..." (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

Last spring, Fab spoke with SOHH about the song's motivation.

"Actually, it got leaked and it was a version with Jay only rapping on it and it's called, 'When The Money Goes,' Fabolous said. "Jay had recorded something to it, I guess what you hear on the leak, for American Gangster and I don't think it made the final cut so he had reached out to me, knowing that I was working on this project and knowing the theme of what I was trying to put together and said, 'Yo, I got a record that might fit in to play.' So, when he brought the record to the table it did. I re-vocaled it. Jay is just on the hook as far as that, it was his idea for the hook." (SOHH)

Keeping with the same formula, Fab is planning a Loso's Way 2 album for later this year.

"I'm looking to come next summer," Fab said of the album's release date. "I like summer releases. It's good timing. People are out, a lot of people need good music to ride to. I'm looking towards June or July again and come with Loso's Way 2." As of now, the roll-out for the original Loso's Way is still underway. Fab wants to release viral visuals for "Lullaby," "Last Time" and "Makin' Love," while a clip "I'mma Do It" hit the 'net a few weeks ago. (MTV)

Check out Fabolous' SOHH interview below:

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