News: De-Haven Reveals Jay-Z's Empty Promise, "He Looked Me Dead In My Face & Told Me 'I Got You'" [Video]

Tuesday, Jan 19, 2010 5:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Jay-Z associate De-Haven has continued to speak out against his long-time former friend.

Haven also said Jay made an empty promise to him prior to being indicted on a federal drug charge.

"It never affected my credibility," Haven said in an interview. "I've been in the [penal] system for a minute, in and out, in and out. It ain't nothing but paper work. If they would have had something pertaining to me snitching, come on man, that would have been came out. I wasn't locked up behind him at all...I haven't tried to reach out to him [for money] for the simple fact because of the last conversation we had. The last conversation we had, we shook hands, I was in a little bit of a situation with this federal trial, and the last conversation we had, he looked me dead in my face and told me, 'Yo, don't even worry about it, I got you. You need some help, I got you.' I ain't seen him yet, and mind you, I went to trial with a court-appointed attorney." (Hip Hop Gossip Site)

Earlier this month, Haven questioned why Jay has kept his distance from him.

"Everybody hears it through Jay-Z's lyrics, you know, that's who I am," Haven said in an interview. "Basically, I was his right-hand man. Beyond that, we was brothers. As you'll see, I'm getting ready to put out a documentary, it's actually doing to lay out everything so you'll understand even why the YouTube is being put together...It's beyond just friendship, it goes a little deeper than that...I feel he disrespected me for a while, and I chose to come out and say something now...The specific reason why we had a falling out? That's the $10 million question right now...I get asked that everyday. And the bottom line, that's what I'm trying to find out. What happened? Why this disrespect? For him to not even give me time, even to act like he didn't know me, for all that I sacrificed, all that my people's sacrificed, all that my family sacrificed. I never knew it would get to this..." (Hip Hop Gossip Site)

Aside from a reference on The Black Album, Hov most recently name dropped Haven on the 2007 American Gangster song, "No Hook."

"I'm gonna follow the rules no matter how much time I'm gonna get/I'm gonna live and die with the decisions that I'm gonna pick/So f*ck De-Haven for cave in, that's why we don't speak/Made men ain't supposed to make statements/End of the story I followed the code cracked the safe/Other n*ggas ain't in the game so they practice hate..." ("No Hook")

Found on his own personal site, Haven has released a small biography on himself.

De-Haven, straight out of the streets of Brooklyn, NY was born and raised in Marcy Projects. The son of a single mother with two sisters (R.I.P. Felicia) and a brother has always been on his grind to take care of his family. Now a father himself, De-Haven has made it through many struggles, and knows that in the end your word is your "bond". So now, true to his word, he is out to set the record straight. With his soon to be released DVD, soundtrack, and book to follow, the world will know... (De-Haven)

Check out De-Haven speaking on Jay-Z below:

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