News: Charles Hamilton Breaks Silence On Disappearance, "I Had To Get Things Right W/ My Mother & Family"

Tuesday, Jan 5, 2010 5:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper Charles Hamilton has released an open letter explaining his recent disappearance from the hip-hop spotlight and confirmed past reports that he had been dropped from Interscope Records.

Hamilton also claims family issues forced him to take a break from rap.

"Here I am, out of my protective external bubble, and into my own," he wrote. "I have made mistakes, angered some, confused others, fought guidance and embraced chaos. At the same time, I learned about self-growth, got acclaim for my work, touched hearts and developed positive relationships...My time out of the proverbial limelight had many different motives. The first and most important was to make sure that my own sanity and health was in tact...Second, I had to get things right with my mother and family. Some things were in print and in music that required the family to talk in person. I wasn't always around, and every family has their skeletons...When the news broke about me being released from the label, I wasn't mad. Just frustrated at the fact I would be asked a million pressing questions about it. My emotions were already numb at personal stuff, and I knew that being the (insert adjective here) of the music business would make me a humor target. Whatever I thought. All I wanted to do was release my music to the masses and be heard on the scale of legends...I am appreciative, and I am working on making this year and every other as progressive and CALM as chances allow." (Nah Right)

Last November, he released a "comeback" trailer professing his return to the rap game.

"All rise for the Hamilton anthem, critics that can't stand him, triggers that can't blam him," Hamilton raps. "Executives that can't ban him/The one pair of Vans that not one man can stand in/The one that drops ill product every time/Not luck, I drop such a deadly rhyme -- The one that never pulls punches but accepts 'em/From a vet or a chick that I was sexing/And I'm still the big brother on the block/Still a lover and still the color of a twat/Was that rude? Another word, fox/Lousiville slugger, love me or not/I run the web like back slash, 'h' double 't--'p' colon/Kiss my black a**...Charles Hamilton is back, Charles Hamilton is back." (Vimeo)

An online report suggested that he had been dropped from Interscope Records last September.

Remember Charles Hamilton? No? Well, before going into recluse this summer, Dukie was signed to the house that Shady built. But according to our political connects, he received a pink slip a few days ago. Looks like it's game over. (Rap Radar)

Fellow rap newcomer B.o.B. recently offered the emcee some career tips in light of his recent struggles.

"You know, he actually gave some good advice on ['Change Gon' Come]," B.o.B. said about their past collaboration. "He was like, 'How do you change what was written/Don't pull into mind what they mention,' and I would tell him that. I would just tell him to continue to be positive because positivity can override anything -- even the worse sh*t that happened -- even death. You know positivity is positive. You could make positive out of anything. Actually, when you think about the type of inspiration it takes to make a song, he's in a great position. Because as an artist, when everything is going great, then you're just on cruises, and you're on vacation, and you don't want to make a song. You just want to relax. It's always when something bad happens, that's when you're inspired. I definitely wouldn't be surprised to see Charles Hamilton coming out bangin'. [laughs]" (Hip Hop Game)

Check out the "Charles Hamilton Is Back" trailer below:

REVOK x CHARLES HAMILTON x KEEGAN GIBBS from Keegan Gibbs . com on Vimeo.

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