News: Cassidy Stacks Up His "C.A.S.H." On New Album, "I Don't Feel [Rap] Is Going Down A Good Path Right Now"

Wednesday, Jan 27, 2010 1:30PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Philadelphia rapper Cassidy has announced plans to release a new single from his upcoming album C.A.S.H.

According to Cass, the album represents hip-hop at its true core.

"My album is C.A.S.H. It stands for 'Cass Always Stays Hard.' Some people say it's 'Cass Always a Straight Hustla.' My last album was B.A.R.S., [which stands for] the 'Barry Adrian Reese Story.' They say it's a recession. I call my album C.A.S.H. because everybody needs money. I feel as though everybody that's a fan of hip-hop or a fan of music period, they need to come and support artists like me, because you gonna see hip-hop fall off the map, like other forms of music, if you don't. I don't feel it's going down a good path right now. I think they need to support artists like me that's really gonna put his all into it, go hard, be lyrical and be original, not a follower...I got a street record to shake up the industry. I'm dropping that in two weeks. I'm gonna let that rock and come back with the real single." (MTV)

Cass recently explained parting ways with Sony Music and working with basketball star Carmello Anthony's Crossover Entertainment.

"I [had been] signed to them for my whole career, ever since I dropped my first album," he said in an interview about Sony. "They were always good to me and showed me a lot of love, but I don't think their specialty was hip-hop, especially hard hip-hop, lyrical hip-hop like I brought to the table. I think they specialized more in pop music, R&B music, and things like that, so it was hard for them to figure out a way to get me off the ground the right type of way. And, once I got out of that paperwork, I'd been comin' up with a plan to become an independent artist, to get my own production company and then man up a little bit -- be my own executive producer, my own A&R." (DJ Booth)

Cassidy previously spoke on the advantages of not being signed to a major label.

"I love hip-hop," the rapper explained. "I just always wanted to prove that I was better than another rapper. I remember I got on this radio competition in Philly called The Cipher hosted by this DJ named Zulu. I [won] for months at a time. I became a personality, but nobody knew what I looked like. So I started battling dudes face-to-face...The focus and direction of artists [has changed.] It's bigger than it's ever been...People [are] making business music as opposed to making good music...Yeah, I don't want a deal right now. I'd rather have my freedom without people over me telling me what to do. If you was ever in the industry, you'd know what I mean." (Rolling Out)

His upcoming album, C.A.S.H., will be the follow-up to 2007's B.A.R.S.

Cassidy returned with the harder I'm a Hustla, which was released roughly two weeks after he was charged with a murder that took place in his Philadelphia neighborhood. The extra attention had no negative effect on his career, with 2007's B.A.R.S.: The Barry Adrian Reese Story bowing in the Top Ten of the Billboard album chart; its lead single, "My Drink 'N My Two Step" (also produced by Swizz Beatz), peaked at number 11 on the Hot R&B/Hip Hop chart. (Billboard)

Check out a Cassidy freestyle down below:

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