News: Cam'ron & DJ Drama Explain Their Mixtape Delay, "You Can't Rush Perfection Man!"

Thursday, Jan 7, 2010 8:02AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Dipset leader Cam'ron and DJ Drama have offered fans an explanation for the delay of their upcoming Boss Of All Bosses 2 mixtape.

Calling Drama on his phone, Cam got the deejay to explain the hold up.

"I seen that, the n*ggas going crazy," Drama said. "They're going crazy over that sh*t. They like they don't wanna wait another day. They've been ready but I've been on the road getting money like crazy the last couple days but you know I'm ready. I'm feeling like we can drop next week, top of the week, get it done and have everybody in a frenzy and all my Twiggas and in the streets, but really though, you can't rush perfection man! The sh*t crazy from beginning to end...You want me to take the blame baby, I'll take the blame. [laughs] Because when the sh*t comes out, they gonna be ready." (YouTube)

Killa also looked on the bright side of having the fans anxious for its release.

"I understand completely," Cam added. "At the end of the day, I'ma keep it a hundred, I don't really Twitter like that, Vado done showed me some wild sh*t on Twitter so I'm like, n*ggas get antzy. I told n*ggas Tuesday, so they say Tuesday. Or Monday, pardon me, I say Monday, n*ggas say Monday they expect [it to drop] Monday. So at the end of the day, we looking like next Monday, Tuesday definite? You know what's good, when I tell n*ggas though, it's better that n*ggas want it instead of them saying they don't give a f*ck when it's coming out. No h*mo." (YouTube)

The mixtape is a follow-up to last year's Boss Of All Bosses.

The wait is over! If you thought the Crime Pays album was hot, "Boss Of All Bosses" takes sh*t back to the whips on the interstate shoveling those thangs. This is 23 exclusives of Cam doing what he does best; keeping the corners on like. He used to "get it in Ohio" and now you can get it on Mixtape Kings. (Mixtape Kings)

Fabolous recently informed fans of his There Is No Competition 2 mixtape with Drama being delayed.

"Sorry my twiggas spoke 2 Dj Drama.. Last minute he had 2 go away 4 the holidays so we couldn't finish the mixtape. But...," he wrote on Christmas via Twitter, "We will now drop it Top of January & now u can start 2010 off right wit Loso! "There is No Competition 2 - The Funeral Service Jan. 2010." (Fabolous' Twitter)

Check out Cam'ron & DJ Drama speaking on their delayed mixtape below:

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