News: Bow Wow Steps His Web Game Up, Talks Women & Super Bowl On New Blog

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2010 4:15PM

Written by Biz Jones

Rapper Bow Wow has announced the launch of his own personal blog to let fans in on his personal thoughts about models, next month's Super Bowl and his every day life.

Launched this week, Bow Wow's first entries focused on his personal life and sports.

"Join me and my boy Nelly as we invade chicago for our Cashmoney vs. Derrty ent all stars. This sunday at UIC Pavilion. Tickets are available at ticketmaster. Super bowl is taking place in Miami,fl this year. The city where i live. Who are you going for? and what will it take for P. Manning to win his 2nd title? I feel if the Saints win it, it will be great for the city. Not only that, but re store the great pride to the city of New Orleans. Good luck to both teams. Who you got winning? (Who Is Shad Moss Blog)

He also ponders the differences with models and video vixen.

This has been puzzling my mind for quite sometime. I just want to know what's the difference between a stripper, video girl, and a hip hop model? The stripper gets paid but also has access to the big ballers with the fame and power etc... But so can the video girl. Long hours on set they work along side the performer and have direct contact and gets paid and might sleep with the artist for whatever reason. Most video girls are "so called" models now a days, and we know how they get down as you see them on other blogs photo'd with different celebs. so i ask the models, strippers, video girls, and the people what's the difference? (Who Is Shad Moss Blog)

The rapper has also been using his Twitter page to promote the blog.

"We gone get the blog going strong. I just started up. Keep checking for more updates. I just updated my blog!! "What's the difference" ===> RT THIS!!! Go to my blog site and post your comments on my newest post." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

Bow Wow recently made headlines for publicly asking his mother, Teresa Caldwell, to delete her Twitter account.

"Thanks to all @bowwow614 fans for following me too. Y'all are funny. Bow hates that I'm on Twitter so I try to send him any tweets :-)," she wrote yesterday (January 18). "Y'all @bowwow614 going to get me n trouble. The BOSS will b calling me this morning saying stay off Twitter mom. He's funny. Love u son @IHateIsis @bowwow614 he hates me on Twitter. Sons are different when it comes to their moms than daughters are. Daughters r cooler :-) @bowwow614 bow u should never try to stop a person from saying inspirational words. God want us to spread his words and help each other. @bowwow614 Bow ur wrong for that. Why would u delete ur Twitter acct bec I have 1? Pls don't ever compare me to another mom. God made us dif." (Teresa Caldwell's Twitter)

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