News: Bow Wow Confesses To Drinking & Driving, "It Was Stupid & Immature"

Saturday, Jan 2, 2010 7:00AM

Written by Biz Jones

Rapper Bow Wow has apologized for publicly admitting to drinking and driving earlier in the week through his daily Twitter page.

After deleting his comments, Bow Wow said he had second thoughts of speaking on his actions.

"Apologize for that tweet," he wrote Friday (January 1). "it was stupid and immature. not a way i want to kick my #2010 year off. i got too much good stuff lined up. my bad." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

His original Tweets suggested he was driving while intoxicated.

"Face numb im whippin the lambo. Tipsy as f*ck. Just left @livmiami," Bow Wow wrote. "Im f*cked up!!! Ohhhh d*mn. Y i drive the lambo. Chris might have to drive after next spot." (Gawker)

Last month, the rapper said fans should be wary of the seriousness behind his Twitter remarks.

"Promoters think im stupid? They think ima get on 5 passanger jet? Flyin 6hrs to da a show? F*** outta here. Stop wakn people up wit dumbness," he wrote over the week. "My problem is im too nice to folk in the industry. Im always doing things for others i forget to think "what i wana do" im thinkn bout me! By me not having no dad i will make mistakes When yall see me say stupid sh*t i dont mean it. Understand im teaching my self how 2 be a man Thats the dark cloud dats over me everyday. Be 23 yrs old. No man neva taught me how to treat women, nothing. Ill grow jus takes time 100 zz Wished err body took da chance to really f*ck wit me or get to know me for they wana hate ona young brother tryna get by in this crazy world." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

Bow made headlines after announcing a record deal with Cash Money.

"To the naysayers, I hope that you give me the opportunity to earn your respect," he wrote Tuesday (August 18) night. "I know that over the years I've put many of my faults on display which I make no excuses for. I'm young and I've made mistakes and I will make more. No different than any other 22 year old, I still have some growing up to do...To anyone who's confused or says I don't belong in Cash Money. Let me remind you that I've been down with Baby, Slim, Wayne and the whole Cash Money family from the beginning. 10 years ago when we really were 'Lil' me and Wayne did a song for the Hardball movie soundtrack. Baby was influential in my third album. Last year, Wayne and I spent 2 months together in New Orleans filming Hurricane Season. So please don't be misinformed and think I'm just jumpin' on 'what's hot' or trying to ride others success. This has been my extended family for more than a decade...And since everyone is asking, me and JD are cool! Nothing has or will change. He'll always be that father figure that I never had and we'll continue to make hits." (Global Grind)

Check out a past Bow Wow video down below:

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