News: Bow Wow Addresses "Haters" On Twitter, "I Don't Kiss A**, I'm Grown"

Thursday, Jan 7, 2010 3:40PM

Written by Biz Jones

Cash Money Records' Bow Wow has addressed the media and haters attempting to discredit his claims of having over two million mixtape downloads this week.

In his Twitter rant, the rapper also claimed he was turned down to do a mixtape with DJ Drama.

"People questioning my 2 million downloads. understand. IT WAS FREE #1, my say now has a million people on it. i ustream heavy. not including twitter and when i RT. not including how BIG i am digitally with ringtones etc. the kids love me. 8 arena tours. and over 10 million..," he wrote Thursday (January 7). "arena tours. stop hating and pay attention to what im doing and have been doing it wont seem like a shock. im taking advantage of the free press. keep the doubt and hating coming. if yall hating on a free mixtape. wait til yall see what me and martin lawerence bout 2 do i asked @djdrama to do my tape. he said no. im use to the doubt. how i answer? 2 million downloads in in less than 2 days c*ck suckers...i chose @djdrama 1st because ima fan and i respect and love his movement. and still is. but i dont kiss a** im grown...Understand im use to the hate, and doubt. this been going on since i was 12. this aint new. this my habitat when it comes to hip hop." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

The rapper's rant apparently caught DJ Drama off-guard.

@bowwow614 ? Huh? How I get involved in this conversation...?," he wrote in response to the rapper's Twitter remarks. (DJ Drama's Twitter)

Last weekend, Bow Wow apologized for admitting to drinking and driving.

"Apologize for that tweet," he wrote Friday (January 1). "it was stupid and immature. not a way i want to kick my #2010 year off. i got too much good stuff lined up. my bad." (Bow Wow's Twitter)

His original Tweets suggested he was driving while intoxicated.

"Face numb im whippin the lambo. Tipsy as f*ck. Just left @livmiami," Bow Wow wrote. "Im f*cked up!!! Ohhhh d*mn. Y i drive the lambo. Chris might have to drive after next spot." (Gawker)

Check out a past Bow Wow video down below:

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