News: Beanie Sigel On Memphis Bleek, "That's Jay's Young Boy, That's His Lil' Man"

Monday, Jan 11, 2010 11:55AM

Written by Biz Jones

Former Roc-A-Fella recording artist Beanie Sigel recently shared his thoughts on Memphis Bleek's loyalty to Jay-Z.

Sigel also said he viewed Bleek as the sole survivor of the Roc.

"I mean to me right now, that's Jay young boy, that's his lil' man," Beanie said in an interview. "Me, honestly, I think Bleek is happy how things are right now. Because now he really gets to be Jay's lil' man and it's evident, you can see it. It's like he's the last one who survived. He weathered the storm but the storm didn't start with the breakup, the storm started when Beanie Sigel got signed to the Roc. He was coming of age when I came. [Laughs.] He's still coming of age." (2DopeBoyz)

Bleek recently explained why he did not understand Sigel's dispute with Jay.

"That's my n*gga," Bleek said in an interview. "I don't feel no ways [different] as I felt from when he signed to us back in '99. I feel the same way today. That's my n*gga. And that's it. He can say what he wanna say. Him and I know the truth. He know what's real, and that's just it. It's all rap sh*t. Some people do things that you can look at and be like, 'Yo, why?,' but at the end of the day you just have to be in they mind frame and figure out - Try to understand what they thinking at that point in time. But like I say, he never stole from me, he never did nothing physically to me, none of my peoples, none of my family. That's still my brother...I just seen him at the Powerhouse show. Like two days before all of that sh*t popped off, we just had a ill conversation at Powerhouse. It was me, him, all his n*ggas there, my n*ggas, we was kickin' it, choppin' it up and nothing ever was said..." (Hip Hop DX)

Beanie recently called both Hov and Bleek "fake."

"A lot of Jay-Z fans are my fans too," Beans explained in an interview. "At the end of the days, [Memphis] Bleek's fake too. F*ck outta here. I ain't trying to hear that. Bleek got the same characteristics, man...Lil Wayne professed the 'Greatest Rapper Alive' [title] and was getting the momentum. Lil Wayne can rap, Lil Wayne can spit, in my point of view. I like Lil Wayne, he should have kept moving with it and then Jay come and tell Lil Wayne he gonna pass the paton to him [then] Lil Wayne falls back." (G-Unit Radio)

Bleek previously displayed his confusion toward Beans' "Average Cat" tell-all record.

"Just waking up my phone going crazy over this segiel sh*t," Bleek wrote Friday (October 30) morning. "I just seen son at power house wasn't nothing now its something..... I'm lost on that.... Guess that's how the rap game work....F*ck bleek 3 haaa that's a good one...And for the rec....I can't diss that's my nigg we gotta get up an chop it up that's all..He know me that's all I could say..." (Memphis Bleek's Twitter)

Check out Beanie Sigel's "I'm Not Your Average Cat" below:

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