News: Beanie Sigel & Freeway's "Roc Boys" Artwork Revealed

Sunday, Jan 24, 2010 12:00PM

Written by Rosario Harper

New cover art for rappers Beanie Sigel and Freeway's forthcoming Roc Boys collaboration album has landed online.

According to reports, the album has also undergone a slightly revised track listing.

The artwork has been changed and the track list has been revised a bit.
  1. Boss
  2. The Last Two (Feat. Young Chris)
  3. Under Attack
  4. Errrly
  5. Serious
  6. Bac Ya Boyz Down
  7. Word Right
  8. Live In Effect
  9. Fresh Ta Def (Feat. Young Chris)
  10. Cyphr (feat. Wale & Peedi Crakk)
  11. May They Rest
  12. Average Cat
  13. Flatline
(Hip Hop N More)

Reports earlier this month suggested that rapper/actor DMX would also be featured on the album.

The Roc Boys are back. has learned that BeanieSigel and Freeway will be dropping a collaborative street album next month. The disc, titled The Roc Boys, features 13 tracks and will come out on independent label Siccness Records. It features appearances by DMX, Young Chris and the other members of State Property. (XXL Mag)

Last month, Freeway spoke on the conflict between Sigel and Jay-Z on his song, "Love is a Battlefield."

"I learned when you in t, you should try to get your cake up," Freeway raps. "Half these rap n*ggas girls, without the dresses and the make-up/I was in the hood stressin' with the woes/While my n*gga Beans was doing a year in the wake-up/Everyday I wake up, shootin', robbin'...And I ain't sayin' n*ggas left us in the hood, but we ate our little food, did the dishes, cleaned the plates up/You was eating steak while we was eating Steak Ums/But I never complained, dapped you up and tipped the waiter/Then I, took the Roc, posted up, made a shot/If things ever got hot, worry not, he had the banger on him/Yup, Philly n*ggas live the code...If I can't get the president on the phone, I'm fine, 'cause I got the evidence, the plaques at my home..." ("Love Is a Battlefield")

According to an interview with Free in early December, the record would explain where he stands in the conflict.

"Yeah, I just recorded this record from my point of view of the situation," Freeway told radio personality Angela Yee. "It's called 'Love is a Battlefield. We gonna debut that joint probably Wednesday, I'ma send that joint to you so you can blast that joint out. Well, you gonna see when I give you the record. Then you gonna play that joint and everybody is gonna see where I stand on it on that joint. The record is gonna let you know everything. I'm just basically telling y'all where I stand at, I've been around through the majority of the situation. [Beans] is my brother, that's my man for life, we good friends plus we Muslim." (Team Yee TV)

Roc Boys is reportedly being released Tuesday, February 23.

Listen to Freeway's "Love Is A Battlefield" down below:

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