News: Webbie Remembers UGK's Pimp C, "I Miss The Motivation He Was Giving Me"

Friday, Dec 4, 2009 4:00PM

Written by Biz Jones

Southern rapper Webbie has reflected on the legacy and memory of late Chad "Pimp C" Butler and discussed what impact the UGK emcee had on his career.

Webbie continues to cherish the motivation C gave him to keep up a work ethic despite his unexpected passing.

"It's hard to believe it's been two years since Pimp passed -- it went that quick," Webbie said in an interview. "I miss the motivation he was givin' me. Every time I talked to him he'd make sure I kept my head up. I miss that, but I know if he was here he would be tellin' me to keep goin' so I'm just goin'. He put me in the game, ya know. Like right now, they call me Sweet Jones, Jr...It was hard dealing with his death. It hit the whole Trill family hard. That just let us know we gotta work hard. Pimp wouldn't want us to lay down because he died, that means we gotta work harder. It's so sad, you know, 'cause we can't turn back...If I knew Pimp was gonna die and had a chance to talk to him again I would tell him I'm gonna keep on goin' like I know he would want me to do. I'm gonna keep on goin'. I'm gonna ride 'til the motor stop for Trill Ent." (XXL Mag)

Slim Thug previously spoke to SOHH about the aftermath of C's death from medical complications.

"A year has passed since the Pimp died and he is still missed everyday," Slim Thug explained last year. "I hear him sampled on hooks and hear all the good music he made while alive and I know we will never forget what he did for Texas. It's UGK4life b*tch!" (SOHH)

Pimp's wife, Chinara Butler also took the time to publicly send a message to her late husband on the anniversary of his death last year.

"To my husband and best friend words can never express how much you are missed and how much of a gap you left in the lives of family, friends, the industry and your fans! I don't think I'm alone when I say I definitely miss you, speaking the real. You are loved and missed But your spirit and music will live on forever!" (Statement)

Bun B is said to be putting together a Pimp C solo project called The Naked Soul Of Sweet James Jones.

"We're trying to do this with as much respect as possible, you know?" Bun B said. "It's a very unique and genuine situation in itself. I'm not really sure if it's ever really occurred as far as hip-hop goes. We're carrying this one with the kid gloves on. I made a lot of mistakes in my life -- I'll probably make a lot more -- I'm just praying I don't make one right now." (MTV)

Look at one of Bun B's recent SOHH interviews down below:

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