News: UPDATE: Game Explains Suge Knight Freestyle, "I Was Drunk As F*ck!!!"

Tuesday, Dec 1, 2009 12:20PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Game has clarified his recent "F*ck Suge Knight" freestyle and said his unexpected name drop rants were a result of being intoxicated during his performance.

Writing via Twitter, Game also said he did not diss Lil Wayne, Jim Jones or Gucci Mane.

"Just seen myself freestylin on worldstar.. I was drunk as F@#% !!! i aint diss weezy or jones or gucci. media be tryna twist sh!t ha ha ha..," he wrote Monday (November 30) night. "I AM "ONEBLOOD". I got the world sooo woooo'n & got college kids in Wisconsin wearin red rags (@ they own risk). I painted this town R.E.D. Tell em how you feel son. Tell em how you feel !!! "MAD RAPPER" I talked to baby & Weezy today & reached out to Jones... Gucci locked up but n!ggaz know what is it wit me.... SOO to the WOO. R.E.D." (Game's Twitter)

During the freestyle, Game took a shot at Knight and Death Row Records.

"It's 2010 and I said f*ck Suge!," Game freestyled during a performance. "Because I'm a motherf*cking animal/And they don't know that I'm a cannibal/Emcees I eat 'em, thick b*tches I beat 'em/I fry haters up just 'cause I don't need 'em/Where the f*ck we from, n*gga from Compton/Where the f*ck we from, we from Compton...Weezy, I made that n*gga a Blood, Jim Jones, I made that n*gga a Blood, Gucci [Mane], I made that n*gga a Blood, so when they throw it up, eveybody say what's up...Everybody in this b*tch know what Game 'bout/Suge took the same route...Let's vote, 2010, n*gga f*ck Death Row!" (WSHH)

The rapper previously apologized for mentioning Beyonce in a freestyle diss directed toward her husband, Jay-Z, last summer.

"We dropped 'I'm So Wavy' yesterday," Game said in his latest vlog. "That wasn't no real diss or nothing, that was just like pop shots, messing around in the studio. Dropped a little something for the streets...When I took that little shot at Beyonce, I basically was just freestyling and she just got hit. I ain't even gonna break none of this stuff down or none of that, I was just coming straight off the dome. That Beyonce line just came right out. I didn't necessarily mean to go at Beyonce, I got beef strictly with your boy Jigga Man...Everyone loves Beyonce, I hop on the stage to diss Jay-Z, Hov, Jigga Man so if you know about the art of hip-hop and you know what freestyling is, then you know sh*t just comes outta your mouth...It sounded like I called Beyonce a h*e. I did call her a h*e but I did not mean to call Beyonce a h*e. I don't know where she's been or who she's been with." (The Game Vlog)

Game previously released his anti-Suge song "My B*tch" around 2006.

"Last but not least my gangsta b*tch," Game rapped referring to Suge. "From Compton, always in and out of jail and sh*t/B*tch tried to burn Snoop, stole Chronic from Doc/Blew the whole West Coast, even tried to f*ck Pac/Type of b*tch to stand on Beverley Hills/Word on the street's she got a few real n*ggas killed/I look up now she on my d*ck, telling me how she always gonna be my b*tch/Pop up at awards shows always following me/B*tch doing dumb sh*t, got a college degree/No pre-nupt, one n*gga got stuck with her/I was smart, knew always not to f*ck with her/What goes around comes around, scandalous sh*t, somebody tried to kill that b*tch/Burnt bridges and ain't had one friend left/N*ggas that know her called her the devil in that red dress." ("My B*tch")

Check out Game's freestlye below:

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