News: UPDATE: Asher Roth Confronts Gay Rumors, "For The Love Of The Future & Humanity Let's Wake Up"

Monday, Dec 21, 2009 4:34PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer Asher Roth has confronted recent rumors which suggest he was on the verge of announcing being an openly gay rapper.

Writing through a statement, Roth denied the claims and frowned upon publications reporting the gossip as fact.

"I hate to disappoint and take away the entertainment of it all but I am straight, not gay. It's disheartening to know such "news" on someone's personal life can be portrayed as fact with no viable source. This, to me, is an opportunity to expose our vulnerability to lies and manipulation through unprofessional and irresponsible news outlets, in which people consider TRUTH. Further, someone's sexual orientation should NEVER be big news, as it delivers a troubling message to children that they can't be themselves without fear of judgment. Race, creed, and sexual persuasion should not just be tolerated but understood and accepted. It's extremely disappointing that this topic would be used with the intention of being hurtful. We are near 2010....2010!! Yet race, sex and religion still play a major role in a hate driven society. For the love of the future and humanity....let's wake up." (Rap Radar)

Prior to Roth, the rapper's record company vice president denied the online reports.

"As Executive Vice President of / SRC Records, I would like to address the recent internet rumors about Asher Roth: Asher Roth is not gay, and is not scheduled to be interviewed on the E! Channel. Furthermore, Asher has not been dropped from SRC Records, and is a top priority at the label after having sold over a million copies of his 'I Love College' single. Asher is currently working on his next album for SRC. DJ Vlad Executive Vice President / SRC / Universal CEO, VladTV" (Vlad TV)

Speculation began to grow over Roth's sexual preference last weekend.

At first, this appeared to be a rumor but I called Terrance Dean, the author of "Hiding in Hip-Hop" and he confirmed that Asher is indeed mentioned in his book. I then went to his blog and saw that he posted this last week: 'Asher Roth admits he is the infamous "Gay Rapper" in a new book put out by Terrance Dean, formerly of MTV. Dean who at first said he wouldn't say names, is now not agreeing or disputing that Asher is indeed the "Gay Rapper." (Team Yee)

Reports used Roth's support of gay rights as a hint of his lifestyle.

Asher was recently at a Gay Rights Parade with Lady Gaga, "American Idol" winner, Clay Aiken, Blink 182, and REM lead man Michael Stipe. Besides Terrance Dean posting the news on his own blog,, and E! News all put out newsletters stating the good news about Asher Roth. Asher is currently living in a "gay section" of New York and "loving life". (Global Grind)

Check out an Asher Roth interview below:

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