News: The Clipse Justify "Popeyes" Music Vid, "Obama's Fried Chicken Was Nothing Racist" [Video]

Thursday, Dec 17, 2009 6:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Clipse have responded to media who accused their Cam'ron "Popeyes" collaboration music video of being racially offensive.

Pusha T denied that using the "Obama's Fried Chicken" signage in the video was racist.

"It's fu*kin' crazy!," Pusha explained in an interview. "And all it is - to me, Obama's Fried Chicken was nothing racist about that, it's just the fact that he was elected President and in celebration that chicken shack or whatever it was changed its name to that. Whoopty-f*ckin'-do. But [it's] the same thing [as the 'Jews made me' line]. Jewish people, I mean, like they don't run the record industry? Like what, I can't say that? I mean, I don't know that a lot of...ya know, c'mon! It's their business! But it's like yo, look what they made me. And I'm saying that I'm - It's like pompous, like yo they have created...I'm in this industry and they've created me and this industry and look how arrogant I am. Like you sorta gotta take it in the whole context of the - not just that one line, you gotta sorta take the full [line] before it and the two after it." (Hip Hop DX)

Concerns grew when the restaurant's name was blurred.

A restaurant in the Brooklyn, New York neighborhood of Brownsville that re-named itself "Obama Fried Chicken" in March is back in the spotlight after it appeared in -- and then disappeared from -- the music video by the rap duo Clipse. (Huffington Post)

The location's recently changed title has drawn talks within its community.

According to Brokelyn, the restaurant's name was scrubbed from the video when it played on MTV because the owner would not sign the record label's location agreement allowing the restaurant to be shown in the video. Several New York City restaurants calling themselves "Obama Fried Chicken" first raised eyebrows when they were accused of playing to racial stereotypes and efforts arose to force Mohammad Jabbar, the owner of the Brownsville restaurant, to change the name. (Politics Daily)

Pusha T recently spoke with SOHH about being a Killa fan.

"This is really like our second time trying to get Cam," Pusha told SOHH. "We really tried to get Cam on 'Grindin'' remix and he didn't do it. We've always been a fan of Cam -- he's dope at what he does, but beyond that, just at how he made -- he created this cult following. Just his creativity is nuts. So we reached out to him and we got an amazing record...I think this is gonna be groundbreaking. In making this album, we were like, really trying to make sure we were in every part of the country. And with this record right here, I think I have a record that will totally, totally just go crazy on New York radio. It's just something I always wanted to make. I'm from Virginia, so when I come to New York it's always that record that just runs Hot 97 or [Power] 105 and I wanted to make one of those. We're definitely in talks [of making a music video] with this one." (SOHH)

Check out the "Popeyes" music video below:

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