News: The-Dream Defends Grammy Twitter Outburst, "I Had To Let My People Know"

Saturday, Dec 12, 2009 9:00AM

Written by Rosario Harper

R&B singer/songwriter The-Dream has justified using profanity in speaking out against The Grammy Awards nomination board members last week by publicly showing his frustration on Twitter.

Husband to R&B song bird Christina Millian, Dream said his words were meant for the fans.

"I had to let my people know," he said on Friday (December 11) of his tweets. "I had to let 'em know it wasn't all to the good. I wasn't just chillin'. The people that follow me, they really care about the movement. Not just me, there's a lot of great people doing great things all the time and they get looked over. That's why I put the thing about Kanye [West]. I'm not on no Kanye, but when you bust your a** and you know you bust your a** and you don't get a look, then you're looking at people funny." (MTV)

Writing via Twitter, Dream expressed his displeasure in detail last week.

"GRAMMY Isnt it FUNNY THE BEST ALBUM OF 2009 DIDNT GET ANOMINATION for the second year strait," he wrote Thursday (December 3) morning. "LOVE VS MONEY GOT NO NOMINATION the last time this happen i had LoveHate out and in the category had written the singles on three of the... Albums ,This time once again ive written on two of the albums ,jamie and B and no Nomination on a whole album of of the sh*t that got....those albums considered in the first place. I AM BOTHERED KNOWING THAT THIS IS THE PATTERN OF a DYING industry not because of what was.....but what wasnt when i know clearly MY ALBUM BLONG there period......maybe its my label, maybe its just my a** kissing skills arent par ,whatever i helped change the sound into what the sound is and my peers vote against me on purpose to denie me the opprtnty .........but call first thing to get a Record. SAD. i wish this on no one else thats probably why we can live in a society and vote people to.......offices where they dont belong because a group of ignorant voters will elect a ignorant person. STOP THE HATING ASAP........................AND this aint NO KANYE SH*T..... and yes i am B*TCHIN." (The-Dream's Twitter)

The singer recently revealed his "final" solo album release's title.

"I'm almost finished with Love King," Dream revealed in an interview. "It's the third album and my final album, actually. I'm not doing an album after that. I've accomplished what I've accomplished. I feel like I'd rather kill The-Dream than somebody else kill me. So that's the big headline there, killing The-Dream...It's over with, so nobody has to worry about 'Has he lost it,' 'When's it gonna drop,' 'Where's it at.' I'm giving you the last record 'cause I said it was the last record before you telling me which one is the last record. I'll just tell you." (The Hip Hop Chronicle)

The-Dream's last album debuted atop Billboard's Top 5 last spring.

Hitmaker The-Dream has made his return to the charts as Love vs. Money debuted at No. 2. According to Nielsen Soundscan, the singer's sophomore Def Jam release opened up with 151,500 copies after its first seven days in stores. (Sales Wrap)

Look down below for The-Dream footage.

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