News: Swizz Beatz Tackles Alicia Keys-Mashonda Controversy, "F*ck What They Say Or Said, I'm A Good Man"

Saturday, Dec 12, 2009 10:00PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Ruff Ryders producer Swizz Beatz has publicly shared his displeasure in witnessing the media's interest in his alleged love life with Alicia Keys and current separation from his R&B singer wife Mashonda.

Writing on his daily Twitter page, Swizz said he did not understand why his personal life has drawn so much attention.

"Much love To all the real fans out there that support that real sh*t love y'all," he wrote. "Let the hate take you to the next level! Oh yeah get that album on the 15th it's Firreeeeeee yeah I said it and what!!!!!!!!!!!! That's my bo!!!!!! 4 life! People done lost there minds I been in this game for 11 plus years since I was 17 and all people want to talk about is my divorce Wow! F*ck what they say or said I'm a good man but when it's time to move on it's just time! I'm also so a great f*cking Dad but nobody give a sh*t!" (Swizz Beat'z Twitter)

Mashonda also voiced her issues via Twitter.

"Here's the bottom line u were married when u started ur affair, ur married now," she wrote. "And both of u knew wht it was. Separation came after the fact. Now peps, this is why its important to keep God 1st! I'm not gona battle my sons father on twitter about his mistress. Yall WON! But just know! I never lied and NEVER will. Thank God we are doing this b4 2010. My new year will not involve this scandol. That all folks." (Mashonda's Twitter)

The singer also released an open letter to Alicia Keys last September.

"If you are reading this Alicia, let me start by saying, you know what you did," she wrote over the weekend. "You know the role you played and you know how you contributed to the ending of my marriage. You know that I asked you to step back and let me handle my family issues. Issues that you helped to create...I read your tweets tonight and I felt they were very insensitive. You have no idea how much pain I was caused because of this affair. Its baffling to me that you don't understand what I might have gone through with this situation. I dont consider myself a victim anymore, Ive learned alot from this! I just ask you to try and be a bit more realistic and delicate to the situation, at least until my divorce is final...If its so, that you and my husband are meant to be together, then God bless you both and I hope you never have to deal with what I did. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. If you two being together forever is the case, its more of a reason for us to get along, because I'm not going anywhere. Theres a child to be raised." (Rap-Up)

In late September, Keys wrote via Twitter on matters relating to "love."

"evn the things u might b ashamed of,love is feelin comfort&safe wit some1,but still gettin weak knees whn they walk n2 a room & smile at u" is knowin all abt some1, & still wantin 2 b wit thm more thn any other persn. love is trustin the enuf 2 tell thm everythin abt urself, "I don't pretend 2 no wht luv is 4 every1, I can tell u wht it is for me;" (Alicia Keys' Twitter)

Check out a recent Mashonda interview with her speaking on Alicia Keys down below:

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