News: Shyne Reportedly In The Studio Making New Music, "Big Producers & Execs Been Flying To Belize"

Monday, Dec 14, 2009 5:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Bad Boy Records artist Shyne is reportedly planning out his return to the rap game by hitting the studio to make some new music.

According to a Twitter posting from New York radio personality and Shyne associate, Angie Martinez, the rapper has called upon producers and executives.

"he's gr8! doing lots of giving back.," Martinez wrote about Shyne on Sunday (December 13). "big producers & execs been flyin 2 Belize & music is coming! :) @ixler21 wassup w/SHYNE?" (Angie Martinez's Twitter)

West Coast rapper Game recently revealed a conversation he had with Shyne since the emcee's release from prison in October.

"I talked to him for about an hour," Game revealed in an interview. "Just about his well-being and both of our next moves. What I thought he should do and he listened and held me on my thoughts and he gave me a lot of insight on my career and what he thought of my career from the several years while he's been locked down. He's the reason why I'm not ready to jump into beefs and controversy today because he kind of shed light on some different situations and it gave me a different perspective. Which is one that I respect being that he's been behind those bars. So we just chopped it up about life and issues and each other, man." (Complex)

Since being deported to Belize, Shyne has been speaking to inmates, offering advice and motivation.

"I didn't blame nobody else for my mistakes," Shyne told a room of inmates. "It wasn't my co-defendant's fault that I shot somebody in the club, I take responsibility, I did that sh*t, it was a terrible mistake and I moved on. So that's what I challenge you guys to do. Don't blame the C.O., don't blame the police -- you have to take accountability for your actions and you have to decide what your future is gonna be. You can't be following what this one say and that one say, I spent 10 years in the cooker -- it's a lot of gang bangers in New York, I didn't bang because I'm universal. I'm a boss -- I mess with everybody. I had the Italian mafia, John Gotti's boys, I sit down and break bread with them. I had the Irish n*ggas, the Spanish n*ggas, the point I'm trying to make to you is that you have to be a boss. And I started this when I was young." (College Essential)

Diddy touched on Shyne last month and called for him to be allowed back into the United States.

"The overall feeling at the end of the day, a lot of people have always asked questions, I've never had any problem with Shyne," Diddy explained. "I've never had any problem with him, I was looking forward to him coming home and just getting out here and letting people see what I saw. I think it was cut down too early, people never got a chance to see what I saw. The thing that bugs me out is people forget what was going on at the time, y'all was throwing so many stones at me telling me how Shyne sounded like Biggie. All the cats up here at [New York radio station Hot 97] was throwing stones at me and I was telling them, 'Nah, the kid got something special.' At the end of the day, when everybody go to jail, a lot of people jump on the bandwagon and it was beyond that to me...I never wish bad on anybody, I only wish somebody the best and I hope he gets to come back to the United States, he did his time and deserves to come back." (Hot 97)

Check out Shyne speaking on his time behind bars below:

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